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??? Making a barfing motion???

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I just wondered if this was kind of normal. When Elliot bugs me for some of my food (whether he wants it or not he wants some) he will often sniff it and then kind of make a gagging/barfing motion like he is going to throw up, but he doesnt?? He does this when I am just eating and he looks at the food sometimes, but after he does it he will eat the food anyways and enjoy it. Could the smell just be overwhelming to him? I'm not really sure why he does this. He has done this actually since I first got him, so maybe its just another one of his "expressions?"
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Hrmmm ... my guess is the smell of the food causes his hunger response, thus creating hunger pangs and when cats have grumbly tummies, they think they need to puke. Feed him smaller meals several times per day - the best way to do this is to leave dry food out at all times.
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Their food is left out all day as Aerowyn is a rather high-energy yet skinny cat. Elliot eats whenever he wants yet he is not overweight as he and aerowyn play several times a day which gives his flabby bum exercise.

I was eating cottage cheese today and he just looked at me (from about ten feet away) and made the barfing motion thing O_O

Could he be repulsed by the way I eat????
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I'm wondering if he has a cat ball ready to come up. We went through that for several days with Lucy and then one morning (about 4:30) she upchucks a lovely nest of fur.
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No, I dont think so. He has done this ever since I got him actually from six months. He gets brushed every day because he seems to shed (and grow hair back!!!) constantly! Andhe doesnt do it on his own. He doesnt just sit in the kitchen and start doing the barfing motion. He only does it when I eat. Maybe the smell is just overwhelming to him. Aerowyn doesnt do this though. Mostly I think its dairy products, the smell must trigger something. Actually if I think about it he rarely ever does it to anything but dairy products.. like cheese, yogurt, ice cream, cottage cheese.... maybe its just a reflex from the smell of a dairy item.
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Is he seriously gagging and all, or is he just making an extremely odd face.. cats have a smell gland in their mouths so if they wanta good whiff of something they hang their mouth open and sort of snuffle-
Most belouple tend to say they lok highly offended in tis position.. It's perhaps not that you're making him want to pukke, but he wants to smell to see if he likes the food you're eating?
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I'd forgotten about the Flehmen Response. It can indeed look like the cat is in some sort of distress. And if you have something with an intriguing aroma, he could quite possibly be trying to smell it better.
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