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Cats and plants

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I was wondering what kinds of plants are ok for cats. Im going to be heading to hone depot or one of those types of places this weekend to get a couple plants to brighten up the place but I would like to know what types are reccomended for small homes with cats.

Thanks, Sean
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Here are a few articles from a website that I frequent regularly for advice... there are definitely certain plants and foods that can be toxic to your kitty - way to do research first!

20 Common House Plants

Spring and Summer Plants

Fall and Winter Plants

Planting a Cat-safe Garden

Dangerous Foods (Just as an extra!)

Hope these help!
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Thank you very much for the links, theres some good info there. Are there any plants that can wholeheartedly be reccomended by you or any other members that are cat safe and preferred?

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There's always homegrown catnip and cat grass! Oliver's got his own dish of cat grass on the shelf by the window where he sits and he loves it... my only other plants are in my freshwater aquarium or in a terrarium (the terrarium ones are cacti and I wasn't even gonna mess around with them being in an open container around him), so I don't have a definite safe plant for you - hopefully other members do though! (or you could give a quick call to the vet, they usually know off the top of their heads)
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