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Cat Aggression to Loud Noise

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I have a 12 year old cat who has lived alone with me and my other cat and dog. She reacts to any loud noise by attacking the person making or near the noise. She runs to you, snarling, growling and showing teeth and if you try to walk away, she follows after you in the same manner. She has never actually biten anyone but has come close. This behavior lasts for about 10 minutes until she calms down. My concern is that I will be bringing a baby into the household within the next several months. Can you offer me any suggestions on behavior modification that I can put into place now to assist in the transition of bringing a baby home -- a baby who will cry, drop things -- make noise. My cat is my first baby and I want to be able to work with her and help her through what I know will be a difficult period for her.
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It sounds as if she has fear induced aggression. If it has been this way her whole life anyway. If it has been sudden, there may be something that a vet needs to look into.
Usually cases like this, you would try and work with the cat. In your case, you will have a baby and the baby does not know that loud noises scare the cat nor will the baby be able to control what he/she does. The only thing that comes to mind is a possible anti depressant of some sort.
You might want to give this site a look and maybe contact them.

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You can train your cat to be okay with loud noises.

The first thing to do is to find a treat your cat likes.

Then find something that makes a loud noise that you can control (like a pan and spoon).

Now, bring in kitty and act all excited about the game you are going to play. Give kitty a treat so she is eager to continue. Now, softly yet firmly make the noise. IMMEDIATELY give a treat.

Keep doing this, gradually getting louder and louder until kitty will stay around even when the noise is very loud. Remember to give the treat immediately after the noise.

Do this several times a day, using different noise makers until kitty is no longer afraid.

A last step will be to do this when she isn't expecting the "game" ... kind of sneak up behind her and make the noise ... but immediately give the treat as long as she doesn't hiss. If she does hiss, go back to a softer sound and try again.

You will find that "shaping" her into being okay with noise should work pretty well.

Good luck!
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