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HELP QUICK!... is this labor?

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Hi all,

My Shenzi is acting wierd tonight. I noticed that she was probably 'nesting' last night and early today...moving things around in her birthing boxes.

Then tonight around 9:30, my Dh and I went into my bedroom (where she is) and she jumped up on the bed...I petted her a little and then she walked over to the other side of the bed and crouched...My DH said, "Maybe she needs help getting down?" So, I go over and go to pick her up and she wouldn't move...then she starts peeing. So I pick her up when she is done and move her to her box...and she walked out of it, but her walk was really weird, like crouching...in her hind legs. She was panting and then she relaxed and laid down and fell asleep. Ok, so I am thinking maybe early stages of labor?

Then about 1/2 hour ago, she started meowing alot (breathing hard) and pacing and then walked over to near the litter box and started clawing at the carpet and then got in the box and was digging like crazy...then she finally pooped. (normal feces)

Now she is asleep again.

I am sort of confused...is this typical of early labor? Or is she just acting strangely because she is at the end of the pregnancy and her bodily functions are more intense or something?
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She may be going in labor. Its great you have her all set up with blankets and stuff. The cat hear showed no signs. She was running and next thing you know I heard a kitten. But each cat is different
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No one that really knows the answer seems to be online right now. If you are concerned, call your vet and ask him. I generally deal with kittens only not momcats and kittens. I do not want to tell you that this is labor and then have it turn around to be something more serious.
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It sounds very much like labor has begun - and so keep your girl confined to her nest and keep an eye on her. A lot of queens will evacuate their bowels prior to giving birth, confusing the contractions of labor with the need to eliminate. Also, watch her litter box activities closely for the same reason. Sometimes, young or inexperienced queens will actually deliver a kitten in the litter box, cover it up and leave it to die there.

If contractions have begun, you will begin to see her sides and belly move in a wave-like motion. This will be clearly visible to you once strong contractions begin. This post may be of assistance to you, scroll down to the part about Signs of Impending Labor ... http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=46743 and also be sure to read the section about Problems During Labor and Delivery to make sure everything is progressing normally.

Hope this helps and let us know if you need help, I will be up a short while longer, so PM me if you feel the need.

Best of luck,

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False alarm...she is acting totally 'normal' this morning...just laying around.

All I can think is that something spooked her or something.

Bummer, I was hoping to be a 'grand-meowmy' by this morning....I'm sure it will happen eventually

Thanks for the replies, though.
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I was not much help but keep us posted of when it happens
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I am still waiting as well....when our new love showed up at the door we assumed she was about 7 weeks?(1 1/2 weeks ago). We could see the babies moving from across the room and were so excited to be new parents. But in the last week her nipples are just now starting to get very pink, more than previously. The vet said that she would deliver in about a week, but now we know it's more like three. I am so glad to hear that your little darling may be delivering soon. I have noticed though that they are ready when -they- are ready. Keep us posted!!!!! Oh.... what should I use for a nest or nesting materials?
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for a nest ,I know there are alot of things you can use.....I was reading something about building a little kitty tent out of towels and blankets,sheets whathever..that was a great idea....but boxes and crates and anything will do...I heard some cats don't like boxes,but other cats do....I have a kitty tent and 3 other boxes...so I just hope that she will pick one....I keep it clean all the time...

I hope I was a help to you....let us know how it goes.....
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