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important question

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Hi folks!

Its been a while, been busy helpin take care of 5 lil ones (3 of which are adopted now)... The 2 remaining are now almost 12 weeks...(I'll probably keep them LOL) Mama kitty still nurses them every once in a while for a coupla minutes, but not longer than that...

Here is my question......

My cousin called up abit ago... Her husband owns a mechanic shop and often buys used cars... He bought one last Friday and this Monday when he got to work he heard crying coming out of the trunk... YUP!You probably guessed right... 5 baby kitties and no mama kitty around... The kitties look about 3-4 weeks MAYBE...

They survived the weekend, amazingly... They are now bottle feeding the kitties, every 4 hours as directed by the vet...

So the question is, if I offered to take in these kitties, would my mama kitty be able to reproduce more milk even though she is nearly dried up??? I thought that maybe it was kind of supply and demand... She was a very nurturing mama... I dont know how she would react to feral kitties... Anybody ever been in this situation... ???
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There is a danger that your momcat will reject the baby kittens so you need to swap their scent with hers so that won't happen. If her milk doesn't drop again you should just continue bottle feeding and see if she will supply the rest of the care

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Swap their scents?? How would you go about that???

As it is right now, my cousin is taking care of them, but I just thought that since I have a recent mama cat that it might be best for the kitties if she might take care of them... They are supposed to let me know tomorrow... I didn't want to fully take the responsibility if it was unlikely that my mom cat would even accept them, though... As it is I have 3 cats, 2 kittens... I am able to care for kitties though as I have an empty back room and lots of love

thanks for your advice....
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You first of all make sure the kittens don't have fleas- flea comb them completely. Then you take a soft cloth and you rub the momcat down with it, then take that cloth, rub a kitten, rub momcat, rub another kitten (all very gently) rub the head as well again gently- once the scents are swapped the momcat might accept the new kitties
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Don't forget the paw pads ... cats have a lot of scent glands in the paw pads.
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