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Hi! I'm new too!

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It is SO nice to see a cat site where there is so much action, hasn't been shut down, and isn't too difficult to understand.

My name is Rose. I just joined on at the "Market Place Forum" as well. I have two kitties. One is "Dawnlight's Beau Monde Elite". We call him "Beau" for short. He is a cream and white Persian show baby.

My other kitty comes in FRIDAY NIGHT! I am so excited to be receiving him FINALLY after waiting since he was 4 weeks old! Now he is ready to leave the breeder! His name is "Crayola Cats Magnum Opus Quixotic". We call him "Opus" for short. He is a solid lilac Persian show baby as well.

We will be showing both kitties this fall in Pensacola, Florida! Here is a picture of my babies!

Here is Beau. He loves to play with my crowns! I am a pageant director, but was previously an entrant.

This is my Opus. SUCH a doll. Can't wait to hold him!

Nice to meet you all. I hope to be able to read a lot of posts and respond to them as well as soon as I have a moment! Time is rare these days with the keep up of these boys! I just gave my second bath to Beau today. It went better than the first. He seems to like the water a bit warmer.

Thanks for the invite to this forum, whoever it was that wrote me? I forget and can't get back into the PM right now. But THANKS!!

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wow...those are gorgeous babies.

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Gorgeous Persians!
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Originally Posted by TNR1
wow...those are gorgeous babies.

welcome to tcs!
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Welcome and you have precious babies. Love how the light is on the top one. Makes it seem like an angel
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Welcome to TCS.

I breed and Show my show quality Persians & Exotics in Wellington, New Zealand.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!

Beautiful pictures!
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Thank you all for the wonderful welcome!!! I really appreciate it!! You guys ROCK!

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They are just adorable!

Welcome to TCS!, I look forward to seeing many more pics
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!
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Hi and welcome to TCS! Your show kitties are beautiful and what original names they have!
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Originally Posted by consumercity
Hi and welcome to TCS! Your show kitties are beautiful and what original names they have!
Thank you for the compliment in the names. I spent a LOT of time researching for the purr-fect names that mean not only a lot to me, but to the cats personality and something that would be neat and easy to call them.

"Beau Monde" means "high society/highly fashionable" among other things, but I went with that. "Elite" means "of superior intellectual status" among other meanings as well, but I liked that one so I stuck with that. Therefore, Beau Monde Elite translated means "of high society with superior intellectual status", and that is how I defined the words together. "Dawnlights" is the breeders name. "Beau" is the shorter of that, and I always try to choose a name that coincides with the actual registration name. Some people will name their cats one thing for registration and call them something totally different and not within the the registered name. I like to pick something within the registration name that I can use for short.

For "Magnum Opus Quixotic", that was by happenstance. First I was looking for something to replace the word "dream". Now, Opus being a dream to me for some years now, I knew it had to do something with the word dream but I wanted something more exotic and less cliche`. I put the word dream in the thesaurus and found this cool word "Quixotic" had popped up in the list. I looked up Quixotic in the dictionary at that point. Quixotic has several meanings, but one of them was "a pipe dream or a wild-eyed dream", so I went with it. It fit perfectly. "Opus" I stumbled upon while thinking I may want to use something to do with song, or a sweet song or melody. I believe I put similar words to song like lyrics, etc. in the thesaurus and the word "Opus" just popped out at me. Opus by itself means a single great work, or a great work. Below that in the thesaurus, I saw the two words together "Magnum Opus" which went a bit further to mean "masterpiece or showpiece". When I saw the word "showpiece" I was hooked. So I put the whole mass of words together - "Magnum Opus Quixotic", in which I translate to mean to me, after several variations in both thesaurus and the dictionary, as: "A masterpiece or showpiece that was once a pipe dream or wild-eyed dream". Crayola Cats is of course, the breeders name.

I am from Florida and both of my breeders are from Florida. One is more experienced then the other. They are both wonderful people though and have Persians available most of the year in pet, show, and breeder quality. If anyone is interested in the links, just give me a holler!

I'm sorry if this was a read, but a lot of people tend to ask me what the names mean and why and how I chose them, and this is the explaination.

How about you guys?? How did you choose your cats name???

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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Welcome to TCS.

I breed and Show my show quality Persians & Exotics in Wellington, New Zealand.
We should start an "At the Show" thread! I would love to see pictures of your show experiences!! Isn't it odd that the world of canines has all these big televised dog shows, but the huge world of felines has no cat shows?

I asked the CFA why this is so. They said that it is because it is thought to possibly be too boring to the viewer, BUT the CFA said they ARE working on it!!! I can't wait!! I SO wish to see Cat Shows aired! Wouldn't you??

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Welcome to TCS

both your kitties are so adorable... good luck when you start showing them

so glad you joined - I think you will feel right at home here.

Tipsy got his name as it was long standing that all our cats while growing up had alcoholic names when Cedar came along, I just had to break tradition so he got named after our house which is made from Cedarwood
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Hello and welcome!!!!
Your boys are simply adorable!!

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