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My cat licks soap!?

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My 10 year old cat Cilla has always licked soap - she especially likes IVORY SOAP. Does anyone have any idea why? She is an especially clean cat - and maybe she licks it to clean her fur more?? I have always thought it peculiar, but she is healthy and everything so I am not too worried!
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hummm... mine like lotion both cats and dog... well at least Ivory is a bit less in the chemical dept..
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Is Ivory soap still made the old-fashioned way, with rendered animal fat? That might explain it. I'd put the soap away where she can't get at it. I can't imagine that it's good for her.
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I have heard that ivory soap is used to kill fleas and ants, so you really shouldn't allow your cat access to this soap. Use a covered soap dish- cat's don't need soap to groom themselves- BTW not all soaps kill fleas, some soaps just stun them.
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Its the fat in the Ivory. I had to stop using it because I was finding teeth mrks in it. Try Pure and Natural they don' tlike that at
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My cat likes lotion....ewwwww, I never thought about it being because there's animal fat in it. Ick! Whenever I put lotion on, he tries to lick me but I don't let him because I didn't figure it was good for him.
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