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Vegetarian Meal Planning...help!

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Hey guys, we are doing a lot of catering to doctors offices right now, and we have a new office, where the doc is a vegetarian.....what are the things that should be avoided or are allowed? Thanks!
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There are different "kinds" of vegetarians. A vegan eats NO animal products or by-products. ie: nothing with chicken broth, beef broth, no gelatin (Jello), no marshmallows. There are alot of things with by products in it. I am lacto-
ovo vegetarian which means I do eat milk and eggs (and cheese). I've heard some people say they are vegetarian but they eat fish. ( ? ) Fresh fruit and veggies would be a good way to go. There are alot of sandwiches that are good that don't have any meat. Just google vegetarian recipies. Soups with no chicken or beef stock in them. Mmmm I love a good corn chowder ! Fettucine alfredo, eggplant parmigiana, veggie pizza, beans, cheese
enchiladas, bean tostados. (check the refried beans and be sure they have no lard or other animal fat for the vegans). That's just a few ideas. Good luck !
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Any recipe that states is vegan would work.
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I've heard vegetable lasagne is good!
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homemade veggie lasagne is pretty good. I have had it as a friend is a veggie
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godfathers pizza makes a good vegitarian pizza, we needed it vegan so they left off the cheese
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One of the best vegetarian sandwiches I can think or is Houmous, carrot, coriander and spinache on tomato bread! Yum!
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As has been stated, we would need to ask what type of vegetarian this Dr is? With this info, I'd love to help you plan a menu, Partner!
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Oooohh let me help.. stuffed peppers with couscous, stuffed mushrooms with flavoured rice.. any veg at all long as it's not cooked in any meat derived stock, gravy etc. Veggie lasanga is great, but remember noo meat juices or anything and make sure any sauces you use are suitable for veggies
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Superb suggestions above! Just remember to check whether the butter on sarnies is veggie, some of them aren't. Same for many things, pastry sometimes has animal fat.

Just avoid nut roast - evil things!
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