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my cat mite be pregnint and if she is shes in her 3rd or 4th week i was just wondering if thars ne thing i shoud do to prapar fore them plz help!!!!! me!!!!!
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you should really take her to the vet and have them do a pregnancy text on her to make sure she's pregnant
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i touk bindi to the vet to day and she is pregnint i cant what the vet sade it shoud be arond 2 or 3 kittens cuz she so tiny sooooooooo exside it wud be her frest litter of kittens!
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And hopefully her last unless you are an experienced, responsible and knowledgable breeder. You should have her spayed as soon as possible either right now and then she won't have the babies or else after they are born and weaned. There are far to many cats in this world being put to sleep and abandoned for people to let their cats have litters for no particular reason.

Do you know who the father is? What if he is diseased and now your female cat has the disease too and will pass it on to her babies as well?
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no hes not hes hellthe and im geting her spad
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all you need to do is feed her a little bit more i give my cat chicken and tuna when she preg

about the the 7 week make her a box bed for her to nestle in to

and also you should keep her in now
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