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no more animals

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you know trying to find a vet who will work with you is next to impossible and after the experience I have gone thru, i doubt that after my cats die of old age i will never get another animal again. It is not worth the worry to own and care properly for a animal, That maybe a horrible atitude but iam just disgusted with false hopes and the way you get treated if you are low income
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Nyzki, after reading your other thread and providing you with as much help as possible....I just have to ask you this question:

Would you even consider having human children if you couldn't afford them?

A "pet" requires monetary commitment just as a human child does. I recognize that not everybody can afford "top of the line" food, vet visits, etc. But there is still a minimum standard of care that should be expected with pet ownership.

Depending on the circumstances and the cat, rather than purchasing pet insurance, I recommend that an owner put away $20/mth (if they can't afford that, then I recommend the basic $10/mth pet insurance policy) so that "if" something happens they have a nest egg from which to draw from. If they don't ever need it, then great, do something nice with it.

But if you can't put even $10 a month aside for a beloved pet, I am truly sorry, but you are right - you shouldn't have one.

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I have a low income and my animals take a hunk of about120 bucks a month but I sacrifice ... ie I havent taken a vacation in years ... I go to inexpensive places to eat... and I did my hoemwork on vets in my area mine will work with me , yes he is in the next town but it is well worth my while
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Originally Posted by sharky
I have a low income and my animals take a hunk of about 120 bucks a month
Sharky, bless your heart! May I ask how many pets you have to cost that much per month? I currently have 2 kitties, and guesstimate that their monthly maintenance cost is approx $75.

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one 17 yr old cat on wet and homeade diet totally
one 17 month old cat wet homeade and dry
one 7.5 yt old yourkie wet homeade and dry
three small fish fish eat two pellet typoes some veggie and frozen foods

They get feed better than I do .. food just wet runs about 60 a month
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We are certainly not high

3/4ths of my income goes to my kitties. the rest to the bills.. but...its a labor of passion. they certainly eat better than i do.
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Originally Posted by nyzki
It is not worth the worry to own and care properly for a animal,
I can't, no I'll rephrase that, WON'T speak on that statement.

But I will say this. When you have a pet, then YOU are expected to care for it. Whether that be annual vaccinations (if you think annual necessary), annual checkups (which ARE necessary), and BILLS that WILL certainly arise because of them.

To say that your vet is not accomodating is placing the blame on him/her. YOU should have made provisions for the welfare of your family, it is no one else's responsibility.

I better stop posting now on this thread.

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I will say this. I have fourteen cats at the moment. I have had to sacrifice a great deal to provide care for these animals, and it is my responsible choice to do so. I can't remember the last time I went to the mall and bought clothes for me. I do not feed cheap cat food. Feeding generic cat food is not healthy for your cat and it turns out to bring in more expenses healthwise in the long run. I had to come up with $600.00 last year to have a cat's leg amputated that got hit on the road. On a fixed retirement income, this money really put us in a bind, but we went there. My vets will work with me, because they respect me and because they know I will make good on all the bills that come up. I spay and neuter ALL my animals- (I had my horses gelded). My animals eat three times a day, I eat two.

If you cannot afford to give quality care to the animals that are dependent on you, then do not have those animals. It's a simple solution. And don't get angry with vets who have to also make a living, and they cannot afford to just give away their services for free, or dole out pills at no charge. They will, if you talk to the office manager and are a good solid client- work with you on payments.

My horse recently foundered-I won't even go to where the bills have taken me- but we have managed to meet each one and pay it off. My horse is not "cured" there are no answers as to why the founder- so it is money basically just thrown down a hole-

Read this article
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Well, I realize I haven't posted here much - but I have to say: first, I am w/those that have sacrificed for their "kids" - and if you are not willing to do that - don't have pets. We are currently in a situation that we are praying won't develop into problems - we didnt want another pet until after we sold our house and moved (we SERIOUSLY watch pennies now) - but it arose that we have a former feral and just pray that she doesn't get ill. On another note - I could understand someone saying they couldnt go through the heartbreak, etc. of having a pet - it has taken me YEARS to even think about getting another dog (and still not sure) - since that is the pet we had to "make the decision on". I don't want to sound rambling - but from the original post, I don't think the person should have a pet, they sound too resentful.
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My five - and the outside two - are dependent on me providing food, love, healthcare, and shelter.

One of those doesn't cost; the rest do. And my cats come first; if I had children, they'd come first. I don't make a lot of money (and lord knows I'm in a bind right now) but they have no idea that's so...and that will stay that way. They will not go without when I can; and they will not go without because I want something nice or special. Frankly, I'd go without internet service before I'd let my cats go without.

My vet(s) know this, and they also know the people I refer to them for services. They work with me as best they can, and I make sure they get paid. It may take some time, but they get paid. And they take great care for my guys; furthermore, because they know me, and I've been loyal to them, they give me multi-pet discounts, which apply to any animal I bring in (should I catch a feral and TNR or the like).

Pets are wonderful to have; they give me a hold on sanity in an otherwise insane world...and I understand being frustrated about not being able to care for them. But it was my choice to bring them into my house, and that's a 20 year (at least) commitment to them to provide. And I will.

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iam not saying that my animals now wont get care for they will be iam saying that i didnt realize how hard it has been to get help, and yes i have had children and they are now grown adults. And i do have other options such a good guy who also owns a cat so i do have some help. And all of my animals are going to the vet in a few days. My cats do not go hungry they eat very well and are given love and when they are ill they get the attention they need. What i wrote previously was out of my anger and frustration
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Well it is good that you accept the responsibility and I know well the frustration you feel. There are people who come into these forums and post long triades about really sick animals and then follow it up with "but I can't afford a vet!" Thankfully, you do not seem to be one of those people.

IMOM is one organization that helps people in need but they have criteria they stick to and not all people qualify. There is also an organization newly formed in Portland- I saw them on the news the other night, that helps people meet vet bills. I can't recall the name right now, but I do remember writing it down on a scrap of paper. With 7 active kittens and one puppy in the house, where that scrap of paper is at this time is anyone's guess But if I find it I will send it to you in a PM-
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I also wanted to say iam sorry if i offended most of you it was not meant to i have had animals most of my adult life and have loved them all as it stands now i also have other animals besides cats, and they recieve wonderful care includeing a endangered pond turtle which the local fish and game knows i have and are pleased that iam making sure that he is thriving so Iam resposnible and i went for a interview today for a job so iam crossing my fingers that this will also help with my financial situation. So iam doing all i can to improve all of our situations
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I'm sorry you are so frusterated. I am crossing my fingers for you as well.
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thank you hissy for your kind words, i felt that what i said was taken as a personal attack on me and it stung pretty bad. I realize that most people on this forum are more than likely doing better than me right now, i recieved a call that may change my situation right now earlier i got called in for a job interview so iam hopeing this next week will bring me some good news so i will be able to afford any medical care that my animals need
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Not to be mean, and I know it's just a frustrating topic, but I do agree that you need to think before getting an animal whether it's financially do-able for you... I am a full time college student, currently jobless, but I find ways to pay for my FIV+ cat, 5 hermit crabs and a freshwater tank of fish... the vet is not the one to personally set prices for tests and procedures, so they are not to blame - the cost is inevitable and even if you love animals to death, it is better for them if you leave them for someone else if you can't afford it - I surely spend much more on my animals than I do on myself, but I knew that would be the case when I took them in.... I wouldn't give up on being a pet owner, but you should make sure you have the financial cushioning in the future to take in a fur ball
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sending a and a prayer for the job interview.. I know it is tough...
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thank you iam hopeing that this turns out to be a fruitful thing for all of us
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I am really hoping you get the job too..
But you did mention that in another post that there was a vet that is willing to do payments but it was a long drive or ride there...I would do my best to feel out any options I could if I were you, even if it entails going out of the way to get it..

Also, if you are not using a library or shared computer at a public center, what about sacrificing internet for a month or even 3?

I know there have to be more down and out people that manage to take care of their pets who can't even afford a luxury like internet or cable tv.

I am also low income. Even though my vet gives me deals, with just normal vaccines/checkups/neuter, I have spent over a couple hundred in the past few months. If I couldn't afford it, I would 1) cut off my luxuries--like cable or internet for awhile, 2) have a garage sale or pawn/sell my stereo/PC/whatever and lastly 3) borrow the money.

Just a couple thoughts.
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First of all, I sympathize with feeling 'heat' from people regarding being able to financially care for a pet. Simply because I am a student, and a MUSIC student at that, people will automatically jump straight down my throat about all of the apparent instability my life is supposed to be seeing right now. As far as I can tell, EVERYONE's life is unstable and constantly changing and NONE of knows what the future holds. For my sake, I'd like to just throw out there that I work 50 hours a week at 14 an hour in the summer and 20 hours a week at th esame wage in the fall in addition to paid days off. I realize that as soon as I graduate, get married and move away, I probably won't find a job quite as awesome, but I know this and I've been able to save for my kits, a new flute, a security deposit on my first real place with my boyfriend/fiance (we're sort of in limbo right now), etc. So, assumption= bad news.

BUT to get to my original point, I won't judge anyone on their economic status and ability to care for a pet because of that status, because, first and foremost, you have to be informed and loving and willing to put in the time. AND there ARE things that people who don't make enough enough (at least temporarily) can do to support their animals. Several shelters in my area run 'pet food pantries' where qualifying individuals can get free or heavily discounted premium foods. I know that my shelter sells 30 pound bags of Science Diet for 10 bucks. Also, several zip codes and income levels qualify for FREE spay and neuter surgery. In particular, the ACS in Chicago has a full-service vet clinic that operates through donations and small incremental payments of low-income pet owners. All isn't lost when you don't have the money, and I think we should stop being all elitist and start being a little more understanding. It's a matter of doing research and seeing what's availible in your area. As long as you have a responsible plan to provide for your pet, it doesn't matter how rich or poor you are. What matters is that by some means, your animals are properly taken care of.
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Originally Posted by notme1295
People here are so preachy. I don't know that I'll continue to post here.
I'm sorry you feel that way, and I'm not sure what's prompted it. I've not seen anyone preaching, and I've not seen ANYONE (ok, maybe one, but she even apologized) on this thread tell nyzki that she was not a good pet owner, only that they agree that if s/he (?) doesn't believe she can afford them, she should not get any MORE pets. Yes, her original post sounded a bit desperate and frustrated, but I believe we've all been there, myself included. I currently have five cats and a dog, and am going back to school full-time, so I'm not sure where the money's going to come from. Food and routine vet visits I can plan for, but just one emergency will cause a real strain on my budget if it happens in the near future. These cats are family, they belonged to my mother, and as long as I can adequately care for them I will continue to do so, but I know it will be many many years before I can afford to add a new pet to my menagerie, even if God forbid I should lose even one.

So I will be a horrible person and APPLAUD the person who started this thread... thank you for loving animals enough to give yours a home, I know it can be hard sometimes but NEVER DOUBT that you're the best home for them. Without you they might be put to sleep, mistreated, etc, and at least they know they have a roof over their heads. Thank you for giving them that.
I don't think you're a horrible person at all (and I know that was just a dramatic statement). I quite agree with you. It IS difficult on a low income to care for our critters, but when we do, we should all be pleased and revel in the unconditional love we get from them. And if we can't rant occasionally to fellow pet owners, who can we talk to. One of the reasons I call my best friend and rant and rave to her is because she is able to calm me down, give me a fresh perspective on my troubles, and tell me it's ok to feel what i'm feeling.

And DO NOT let these people make you apologize. They have NO CLUE.
1) No one's MADE nyzki apologize, and 2)if you read back thru this thread, there are quite a number of us who have more than a clue, and we're all here to help each other. I'm very sorry that you don't feel that way.
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I could really go off here but it would serve no purpose. People who have the habit of feeling like they are victims, instead of claiming responsibility for their own behavior & seeking solutions for their problems, are ignorant. I am not saying that they are stupid...just immature & uninformed.
I live on a fixed income. My kitties health & well being is totally dependant on me. I do not consider their care a sacriface. I feel it is an honor to share my life with them. I scrimp, save & do whatever I can to be sure that they have what they need to live a good life.
If you can't afford to care for an animal, the bottom line is...don't adopt.
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I remember a few years ago (I'm 25) I told my mom that I wanted to have a baby. I said that I know I could handle a baby. She asked me: "What about when you want a new outfit or something and you can't get it because the baby needs diapers?" I decided I wasn't ready to have a baby ~ lol.

We (my housemate & I) don't really struggle financially, but I also have to watch what I get Cupid. Last year for xmas, my housemate gave me $500 and I spent it all on Cupid, and was happy to do so. It made me so happy...and I'm passionate about shopping!

Anyway, my point is that I don't think it should be an issue because if you love them, you will do whatever it takes.

I understand your frustration! I worry all the time about my cat's health and happiness, and sometimes I worry SO much that I wish I never got him simply because it's so exhausting and I become consumed by it and actually wonder if he would be happier elsewhere. My friend told me that's why I'm a good cat-mommy, because I worry. I told her that's why I don't think I'll be having kids for a very long time ~ lol. So I think if your cat's welfare makes you worry so much that, at times, you wish you hadn't gotten them or will never get another, then you're a good cat-mommy.

It's when you're SURE your cats are as happy as they could possibly be at YOUR home, there's a problem.
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Sorry to hear you have felt so frustrated about your situation, hopefully you will be in a better position in the future and not have to worry about things so much. I do know how you feel, i have spent over nearly £500 at my vets this year so far (was £300, i foolishly took on another cat, and it rocketed, as a result, i will stick at 2 cats, and might just have fosters when the next cat goes till the money situation is better), the first £400 went on the credit card, but then i got up to the limit, so have had to use the current account and the overdraft, but the cats needed vet treatment. I do know that it isnt the best way to pay for things, and i do worry loads about getting the credit card down and getting out of the overdraft, and i suppose i should really look into ways to save, but my cats would always get what they need - this week, i have barely any food in the house till i get paid tomorrow, yet the cats have enough food to last till Mon!! I am dreading when i pass my driving test and am looking for a car. On one hand, it will make vets trips easier, and i will prob help more with cats, but the money does scare me.

I do think rather than being so judgemental, we should allow people to let off steam, and appreciate the fact that they have learned the hard way how much money and hard work goes into animals, and are going to use that lesson wisely.
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Originally Posted by booktigger
I do think rather than being so judgemental, we should allow people to let off steam, and appreciate the fact that they have learned the hard way how much money and hard work goes into animals, and are going to use that lesson wisely.

I agree. Living in a mansion with infinite funds to your name should not be a prerequisite of pet ownership. Being able to offer a loving home where the pet will have a far better quality of life than it would've in a ditch or abandoned lot somewhere should.

IMO, even the most basic of vetcare (shots, s/n, worming) and the cheapest of foods available regularly is a far cry better than no vet care, an occasional dinner from a trash can, horrible parasite infestations, being constantly knocked up or fighting, and no warm, dry places to sleep.

Why jump on someone for not being able to offer the very best when so many animals face the very worst every day because no one is willing to give them the time of day? Would you immediately take your cats to the shelter/dump them if you lost your job tomorrow because they wouldn't be able to get the most extreme of surgeries? or would you budget accordingly and try your hardest to find a job?
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nyski...I in no way intended any disrespect toward you, when I posted my rant about immature people not taking responsibility for themselves.
I applaud your efforts to find solutions to your current problems. Venting can be really helpful when you feel like you have hit the wall & are getting nowhere. This is a supportive place to do that. I wish you well. Please keep us updated.
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