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Worried Week

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Sunday my max started meowing, rolling over on his back with this legs spread, he was in pain but we didn't know what was wrong. We called the vet and rushed him in. He didn't have a blockage at the time but the vet kept him over night. He did block through the night so the vet had to help him with that. Poor little fellow. He was bleeding so bad.

He stayed at the clinic until 4pm monday then we brang him home, he was so sore and exhausted. He couldn't sleep the sinsation of peeing was very strong. We are giving meds to him and water. He is figthing eating so we are actually spone feeding him bits at a time. Every two hours we are giving him a bit of heated food from the vets. We give him water every hour and meds every 12 hours. Oh I feel so bad for him. He was doing well but then just like that it happened. Doctor said the last time he may not have been completely cleaned of the crystals and the feed may not completely helped to dissolve them so he will be on meds longer this time and on a stronger food.

Please send vibes for our max.

I forgot to add this. I am so thankful for our vet. We didn't have the money up front so he put us on a payment plan. So far the expense has been 223.00 and as of friday it will be closer to 300 for the cost of the new food and such. I am so thankful for him. He changed his policy a long time ago but he let us go. Thank god for that.
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What a great vet!! I have yet to find one who would do that here. Seems they are all in it for the money they make.

Sending good vibes! I hope he feels better soon! Poor baby.
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