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Considering another cat

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My fiancee and I have a cat (Button) who just turned a year old yesterday. He's always been really hyper and kind of aggressive, although that seems to taper off if we play with him enough (we're talking hours). We're considering adopting a new kitten, and I had a few questions:
1. Litter. Do we really need another litter box? Button has a litter box in a cabinet that he's learned how to open. It self cleans, it's completely out of the way, and we don't even notice it. We really don't want to get another - will this work?
2. Food. We're just starting to switch Button onto adult cat food. He currently free feeds. A new kitten, however, will need kitten food. Will we have to stop free feeding Button and feed them both their different foods separately?
3. Gender. Button is a guy. Is another guy or girl better for him?
4. Intro. Has anyone had success with doing an intro that doesn't take a week plus? I only ask because my fiancee and I are rather impatient (much to our detriment!) and probably wouldn't be able to hold out that long before letting them meet. Button also gets pretty grumpy when he's not allowed into a room, and he'll sit outside the door staring at it (even when nobody is in there).
Any help would be really appreciated. I'm a long-time lurker of this site, and have found so many helpful tips - I can't thank all of you enough!
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I had two cats before and only one litter box. There were problems in the beginning but as they established their territory and felt like it was ok for them to share things, one litter box was fine. So you might want to get another box for a new cat just for first few weeks. And when you see them using the same litter box, gradually remove the other one. Get a female cat. They are usually better anyway and male female is the best combination, less chance that they'll fight.
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Food... some cat foods are OK for both adult and kitten. For example, the food I use is Natural Balance, which can be used for both. There are directions for feeding amounts on there. Free feeding won't be a problem.

Sex and Intro...I had two cats, both boys. The intro took four days for them to be comfortable with each other. I'm not patient either, but you must try to be for your cats sake. Give them a little time. I've read it is easier to have a male female pair, but if both males are neutered its not so bad. It is also supposed to be better if you do get both males, if one is grown and one is a kitten. It is easier for them to work out the alpha role. About the intro... be sure and give your current cat lots of love and attention after you bring home the new cat. Make sure he feels secure in your love so he won't take it out on the new kitty.

Litter box.. while they are separated they will both need one. Will they share afterwards? Maybe, maybe not. You will not know until afterwards. Even after the introduction, after things seem calmer, there can be ambushes at the litter box. The last thing you want is for the litter box to be seen as a bad place due to attacks. The cat who is attacked will avoid it and go elsewhere. Eventually you might get away with one, but please get two for the transition.
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1. Yes. You should get another. Your new kitten won't know how to use the current system. Later, maybe, you can go back to using one.

2. Maybe, maybe not. Try it and have plan B ready.

3. Either one.

4. No one can tell ahead of time how long it will take. You have to be willing to give it as much time as it needs. If you rush things, you'll regret it.

Good luck on getting your new kitten!! Don't look for a cat based on any preconceived ideas of gender, pattern, color, or age. Just try to find a cat that fits in with your current cat, a cat that appeals to you, a cat that says, "Here I am!! Me!! Me!! Take me home NOW!!"

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