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looking for advice when traveling with cats

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I've been reading everything I can find on this subject, I have traveled extensively with dogs, 2 travel well, 1 does not. The first decision was to take them or not, I have decided it will be better to take them. I have a truck with a camper and a travel trailer behind. I'm thinking I should keep them crated (in my large crate) for the actualy drive time, what sort of things should I look for that shows signs of stress or trouble? Should I take some "kitty downers" just in case? Any feed back would be greatly appriciated. They are really pretty laid back as long as their buddies (the dogs) are around. Both are young, just barely 1 year old.
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How long will they be in the crates? Do they travel well, for example, when going to the vets?

In my experience, one cat in a carrier is not happy, but more than one cat does just fine. But I never went on a long trip with cats!

Do they have microchips, in case they do get lost?
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I actually went through a similiar thing with my kitties once. We moved from Texas to California by Uhaul. The best thing I can suggest is what we did...as we had three kitties...all three with very different personalities.

My kitty, Keykat, was a VERY laid back, relaxed cat, and she rode outside the carrier, just loose in the cabin of the Uhaul with me. She just slept on the seat, and went down to the passenger floorboard to her litterbox when she needed. We also had food and water out with her when she needed them. Now, this is a rare thing for a cat to be comfortable with, and I would ONLY suggest trying it after a bit of driving, and ONLY if your kitty didn't panic in the least about being in the car to begin with.

Our other two were as most cats are...and weren't the type that would have handled that well at all. We basically kept them in their carriers up in the cabin with us, and would pull over and let them out of their carriers in the car every couple hours to use the litter box and eat & drink if they needed. Another thought: slip in some food with them every now and then, and slip in a small water dish every half-hour just to be sure they're getting enough water & food.

Have they ever travelled before? If so, what are they like? Do they cry the whole time, or do they hardly mumble a peep?

Here are a few things that should help:

You should consider lining the carrier with something in case there's an accident. You could do so with cheap towels, t-shirts, cheap blankets, etc. (something soft and absorbant). Be sure to have plenty on-hand just in case you need to change them out.

Other than that, I would search around online and see what articles you can find.

According to homestore.com,
"* Do not feed your pet for at least three hours before leaving on a trip.
* During stops, provide fresh drinking water for your cat. You may also reward it with a snack for being a good traveler.
* If the drive is eight hours or longer, give your cat the opportunity to use a litter pan and offer it fresh drinking water.
* Feed your pet shortly after you arrive at your destination or when you have stopped for the day.

Here's what to put in your pet travel kit: food, water, dishes, can opener (if needed), leash, a few treats, favorite toy and some type of bedding. Don't forget a scooper and plastic bags for cleanup!"

Other than that, I would say have their doggy friends around to help them keep calm, and you should consider doing a couple of runs in the car if they haven't been before, to better predict what you should do.

There ya go! That's my best advice! Hope it helps!!
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