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Relatively New - Need Pic. Help.

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I am relatively new on these boards and wanted to post some pictures I took of my babies. I currently have 7 cats and a golden retriever. I just got my lucky kitty number seven last Saturday. I live in SC and foster w/ a local rescue. I actually have 6 adult foster cats and 1 kitten left. (At one point this Spring I actually had 14 kittens!!!). It is bad when you have 14 cats and think things are quite and where did everyone go!

Can you guys tell me how to post the picture of my new baby on here. Thanks!!
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welcome. Wish I knew how myself. If I find out I will let you know
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i had the same trouble when i came to this site someone who pm'd me told me how so i just copied her mail
hope it helps

your pics, they need to be remote linked. To remote link your photos, you need to have them stored on a website that allows remote linking. There are many free websites that you can use!Photobucket allows remote linking. You can post up to a certain number free on Mustangmods before they require a donation. If you are a member of AOL, you can host your pictures there under Keyword Publish 123. . Image Magician is also free, but they do ask for donations to keep their site running. Please note that Geocities, Tripod and ImageStation do not allow remote linking. I use Photobucket for all of Sierra's pictures and find it to be quite easy!

To post your picture using remote linking, be sure that you have the web address for the photo, not just the page where the photo is located. To find this, right mouse click on the picture and choose “Properties†then copy the web address found in the Properties box. When you are posting here, click on the “IMG†button above the box where you type your reply and paste the web address of your picture in the pop up box. If posting from Photobucket, simply copy and paste the IMG address into where you type your post.
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Thanks alot
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Hi, welcome to TCS!
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