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Help!! What should I feed??????

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Hi everyone, I need some suggestions on the best food to feed my kitties!

First Kittie :
Is my Harley, male and is 10yrs old. He is long haired and gets hairballs alot, He also gives me trouble with the litter box!
Second Kittie :
Is a 1yr old female, semi-long hair name Snuggle bunny. She just had 5 kittens and is doing a great job at being a mommy!
Third Kittie :
Is a 7mo old male, semi-long hair name Nick (short for Nickel)! He still thinks he is a new born kitten and tries to nurse on anyone! I mean literatly gets into the whole sucking thing!
Fourth and Fifth kitties :
Are two 4mo old female short hair scottish folds. They are new to the family and are just starting to come out of hiding! They came to me on eukanuba dry and iams wet kitten foods.

They are all on Meow mix indoor formula, except the scottish folds! I would like to get them on something a bit healthier for them. I know they all cant have the same needs considering one is getting older, one is a nursing mother, and the other three are still pretty much kittens, but i dont know whats best. Suggestions would be great Thanks
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here are good reasonabley priced foods :these ave about 20.00 for a 20 lb bag
no by products or chemical preservatives two no grd corn
Authority by Petsmart
Max cat by Nutro
Chn soup( affordable in some areas)

If you are willing to spend more tell me and where do you shop
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Here's the Whole Dog Journal's list of best foods (not sure which year this one came out, but it was recent, I think)

Artemis Pet Foods, Canoga Park, CA
(800) 282-5876; artemispetfood.com

Azmira Holistic Animal Care, Tucson, AZ
(800) 497-5665; azmira.com

Back to Basics
Beowulf Natural Foods, syracuse, NY
(800) 219-2558; beowulfs.com

Bench & Field
Bench & Field Pet Foods, Mishawaka, IN
(800) 525-4802; benchandfield.com

Blue Buffalo “Adultâ€
The Blue Buffalo Company
Wilton, CT
(800) 919-2833

Burns Pet Nutrition, Chesterston, IN
(877) 983-9651; bpn4u.com

California Natural
Natura Pet Products, Santa Clara, CA
(800) 532-7261; naturapet.com

Canidae Corp., San Luis Obispo, CA
(800) 398-1600; canidae.com

Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul “Adultâ€
Diamond Pet Products
Meta, MO
(800) 442-0402

Drs. Foster & Smith
Drs. Foster & Smith, Rhinelander, WI
(800) 826-7206; drsfostersmith.com

Eagle Pack Holistic Select
Eagle Pet Products, Inc., Mishawaka, IN
(800) 255-5959; eaglepack.com

Flint River
Flint River Ranch, Riverside, CA
(909) 682-5048 (sold through independent reps)

Foundations “Chicken & Vegetablesâ€
Petcurean Pet Nutrition
Abbotsford, BC
(866) 864-6112

Fromm Four Star Nutritionals “Duck & Sweet
Fromm Family Foods
Mequon, WI
(800) 325-6331

Go! Natural
Petcurean Pet Nutrition, Abbotsford, BC
(866) 864-6112; petcurean.com

Solid Gold Health Products for Pets
El Cajon, CA
(800) 364-4863; solidgoldhealth.com

Natura Pet Products, Santa Clara, CA
(800) 532-7261; naturapet.com

Natura Pet Products
Santa Clara, CA
(800) 532-7261

Petguard, Green Cove Springs, FL
(800) 877-petguard; petguard.com

Limited Diets
Innovative Veterinary Diets, Pittsburg, PA
(800) 359-4483 (sold through veterinarians only)

Merrick Pet Foods “Cowboy Cookoutâ€
Merrick Pet Foods
Hereford, TX
(800) 664-7387

Solid Gold Health Products for Pets
El Cajon, CA
(800) 364-4863; solidgoldhealth.com

Natural Balance Ultra Premium
Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance
Pacoima, CA
(800) 829-4493; naturalbalanceinc.com

Newman’s Own Organics “Chicken
& Riceâ€
Newman’s Own Organics
Aptos, CA
(800) 865-2866

Organix “Canine Formulaâ€
Castor & Pollux Pet Works
Clackamas, OR
(800) 875-7518

Breeder’s Choice Pet Foods
Irwindale, CA
(800) 255-4286; breeders-choice.com

Nature’s Variety, Lincoln, NE
(888) 519-7387; naturesvariety.com

Prime Life
Owen & Mandeville Pet Products
Oxford, CT
(888) 881-7703; ompetproducts.com

Royal Canin Natural Blend
Royal Canin USA, Inc., St. Peters, MO
(800) 592-6687 (US); (800) 527-2673 (Can)

Showbound Naturals
Integrated Pet Products, Exton, PA
(800) LI-CHOPS; www.integratedpet.com

Timberwolf Organics
Yukon Nutritional Co., Dundee, FL
(863) 439-0049; timberwolforganics.com

VeRUS Pet Foods, Inc., Abingdon, MD
(888) 828-3787; veruspetfoods.com

Old Mother Hubbard, Lowell, MA
(800) 225-0904; oldmotherhubbard.com

Wysong Corporation, Midland, MI
(800) 748-0188; wysong.net

I personally feed California Natural, for the past month anyway. Both cats have good shiny coats, though Buffy's got more shine than Willow. I'm considering buying a smaller bag of Innova with Cal Natural next time I have to go on a food run, and see if the mixture of the two foods will work for Willow. You never know, that's why you gotta experiment with foods to find the one (or two) that work best with your pets.
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I really like Chicken Soup dry food. There are several kinds of wet food that my cats and I like, including Pet Guard, Eagle Pack, and Innova.

These kinds of wet food are good for all life stages and the advantage for a household like yours is that they come in large (soup can sized) cans which will save you quite a bit of money.

For Harley, you can give him Petromalt or another over the counter hairball remedy along with regular food. I asked about hairball control food suitable for kittens when I was fostering a litter of Persian mixes and was told that there really isn't any. But it's definitely possible that I didn't get complete information there.
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My vet recommended Iams to me as a food good for 'all health stages' (kittens and cats can both have). there is a new version for "indoor cats" that helps with hairballs, supposedly. cost a bit more than the others listed, $30 for 20 pounds.
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