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I think most cats enjoy the company of another cat especially if they compliment each others personalities.
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Started with one, then Missy came begging at the window as a baby last summer now they have babies - no flack please, we were terribly ignorant and got the go ahead from a vet (we now have a new vet, and thanks to this site are well informed about all things cat related)
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We have three. They all were raised together in the same foster adoption center. The two boys are brothers. They all get along wonderfully. Sleep together, groom each other and play. There is no fighting except for the typical 4 month old kitten play. Both of us work long hours outside of the home. Our vet suggested two at least. We fell in love with three. I don't think I would bring another into the home now though, since these three are so used to each other. A new kitty would be odd man out.
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I only have one cat. She needs tons of attention. When I contacted breeders about buying a bengal, many wouldn't let me have one because she'd be the only cat. The breeder I finally got her from said that she would make a good loner cat. I must say that when my boyfriend brings his cat over, she is a lot less vocal, which is nice for a change. However, there is the fighting when they're together... but as long as their on my cat's turf, it's not too bad.

Sometimes I want another bengal kitten, but not sure I'm up for that... or that Ripley would actually like having a new baby in the house.
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Originally Posted by Aussie_Dog
I believe 2 is the minimum, but I would prefer a whole lot more. ATM, 2 is more than enough, but I dream of a day when people down the street refer to me as "that crazy cat lady"

That has always been a dream of mine too! I want 4 cats in a 2 story house with a room just for them.

edited to add: of course they will have run of the house, but this room will be just theirs with all kinds of toys and a big cat tree and beds and everything just for them.... I hope a bay window so they can look outside, as well as a bird feeder right outside so they can watch all the birds and other critters all they want.
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I have two kittens and I know for my sanity I need them to play with each other.
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It is good to know you already have experience with having two cats. I had dreaded the "what if they don't like the same food, litter, don't like each other, etc. I think I got very lucky with Charlotte and Izzie. They get along very well, have very similar eating habbits, and love to play together.

I don't think I want more than two cats. Two is a good number especially if one or both should need extra vet care. Each person has to know what is best for their situation. I'm sure you'll be able to come to a conclusion that is best for you and your cat.
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Originally Posted by Purr

I've also read research that said cats aren't pack animals like dogs, and therefore are stressed out when "competing" with a bunch of other cats. I saw it on Oprah too. The fighting, aloofness, and timidness some cats exhibit when in large multi-cat homes is proof that they don't like it. He said he's seen normal, well-adjusted cats turn fierce or shy when around that many other cats. Space is also an issue. Cats need lots of room to roam around, like they would in the wild. Because of that, I would never subject cats to "community living" unless I absolutely had to--like to foster until I found them suitable homes.

3 cats isn't exactly multi-cat, but these three sure got along great! They loved to lay together in the "cat" chair, and would often groom each other. The two on the bottom were raised together since kittenhood. The one on top (Jill) was an extremely shy foster kitty. They weren't always together, but they definitely enjoyed each others company!

I have known many only cats to be perfectly happy, too. But I think Garfield and Festus are happier for having each other to fight with, chase, groom, cuddle, etc. Sure, he steals the toys from her sometimes. Or grabs her treats if she eats too slow. But she is always cleaning him...I think it is very nice that they have companions from their own species!
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That's a cute picture! I don't think 3 is a "bunch." I think if you have the room for them then that's a great number.
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I would have to say to ....cause one does get lonely
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I have usually only had one cat own me in past, this is my first time having 2 at the same time. I find, so far, differences in personality, and so on. You will want to give both cats plenty of room to get to know eachother, different litter boxs, and lots of love & paitence. It's going onto the third week, and they are getting along much better than the first three days!

Good luck, and make the decision best for all concerned!
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Definitly more then two. Of course it is required for my breeding programme.
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I'd say two. I was in a similar situation, with my Napoleon constantly crying for friends. He stopped when I got him Josephine -- I dreaded the extra work, but it's been great. They share a litterbox, feeder and waterer -- they don't mind at all. They're different personalities, but compliment each other really well. I'd say I'm much happier with two!
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