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Diet Opinions

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ok i recently asked about taking stacker 2 but im going to pass on that. i was just wondering what a good diet would be. i was thinking of doing the south beach diet since i dont do much active things anymore. anyone have some toher diets that they have used that worked.
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I'll vouch for the south beach, I did it, lost weight and felt good . Kept my blood sugar levels within reasonable levels too.
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I agree with Cindy. When I went on South Beach back in 2003, I lost 30 pounds and I have kept it off because you never will go back to eating as much as you did back then. I don't crave fried foods at all...well every once and a blue moon! What I would also recommend is to fit in 20 minutes of walking a day. Do you have a dog? It sure does make it easier if you have to walk her/him. Good luck!
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I'm not a fan of "diets" because for most people the word in itself dooms them to failure. I like to call it a "lifestyle change" because really, in order to keep the weight off that you lose that's exactly what it needs to be. South Beach's idea is one of the better ones - eating the right carbs, proteins, and fats, so you could try it. I know no one likes to hear this, but it's the truth and will never have a better substitute (for the majority of people) but the real way to lose weight and be healthier is simply to consume less calories and exercise more. People freak at exercise, but really, it doesn't have to be exercise at the gym (if you're not the kind of person who goes to the gym already) it can just start with more movement than you normally would make. Park farther away in the parking lot, take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, go for more walks! Anything that gets your heart beating faster than usual will do. When trying to eat right though just remember not to make those indulgent foods completely off limits! Allow yourself a treat every couple of days or even once a day if you're used to having things high in fat or sugar on a daily basis. Giving yourself a little taste of it will keep you from crashing and binging on the not-so-good-for-you stuff later. Just monitor what you eat more. It can be as simple as you're willing to make it.
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well about having a dog i wish i did so i could walk him and do somethign that way. im not a big gym goer at all and courtney certainly cant stand 5 minutes in the gym so her goign with me doesnt help. i dont even know if she woudl take walks with me at all. it would be nice thats for sure. one of my co-workers is bring in his book for the south beach diet and the cookbook for it to. im going to take a look at it and see whats its about and maybe do that.
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Just a word about the South Beach (and the Zone) - I do think they are good "diets" or lifestyle changes, but for my body - they made me GAIN weight!! I just don't do well with proper or high protein diets......
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Weight Watchers worked for me as well!
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Originally Posted by journey
Just a word about the South Beach (and the Zone) - I do think they are good "diets" or lifestyle changes, but for my body - they made me GAIN weight!! I just don't do well with proper or high protein diets......
If you are already at a low weight and you don't have a ton of extra weight and ALREADY eat somewhat healthy, this diet won't work for you to lose weight. This is what happened to my sister-in-law, she gained weight when she went on the South Beach.
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neon --- are you overweight???

I don't diet, but I do have a very strict lifestyle. I walk every day (At least 5 miles), I use ankle weights and 8 pound arm weights when I work out at night (45 minutes a night or so).

Also, I just started boxing. GREAT cardio workout! If you get good cardio, you burn calories faster and your metabolism will speed up. Plus hitting something really hard for 20 minutes a night can make you feel great, too...

Try upping your activity level somehow. Avoid salt, avoid carbonated drinks, avoid too much sugar. Drink lots of water. The key is to burn more calories than you take in.
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I have to recommend Weight Watchers. Been at it since May 30th and have lost just over 18lbs. Close to my half way point. I figure if I keep this up I can reach my goal my mid November.
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I lost 100 pounds over the course of 1 year a few years ago. I was a heavy over eater, surviving on super-sized fast food meals twice a day plus snacking. I began by eating a similar quantity, but switching entirely to low fat, low calorie foods. I spent an hour in the grocery store every time I went examining labels on everything to make sure I was getting the option with the least calories and fat. I literally went in, threw EVERYTHING in my fridge away (even what was still good) and replaced it all with these substitutes. That alone sparked the initial loss.

I then began lowering the quantity I ate, and eventually switched to Slimfast, but once I got my over-eating under control I could substitute a shake with something else that had similar calories and fat content from time to time for variety. I also switched completely off soda and drank nearly a gallon of ice cold water a day. I just always kept a glass with me where ever I was and still do. So that I wouldn't die of cravings, I let myself have one "bad" meal on Saturdays... I could eat whatever I wanted but it usually made me sick because it was usually greasy and my system wasn't used to it anymore.

The key was... walking. I was completely sedentary up until then, and I started walking just a mile at least 3-4 times a week. If I didn't walk, I didn't meet my goal for the week no matter how well I watched what I ate... it's that simple. I bought a treadmill this past New Year and I quickly lost interest in it... I would much rather walk outside but I now live in an area where I don't feel comfortable doing that just yet (too many neighborhood noseys watching!).

I gained about 55 pounds back because I stopped walking... and have really allowed myself to eat poorly when I know better.

Fad diets don't really equate to the life change it takes to lose and keep it off. I haven't gained all the weight back and consider myself still 'watching what I eat'... although not as vigilantly. I will always have to watch what I eat, and I had better start walking again or I'm going to end up back where I started.

So, moderation and movement my dear, that's my advice.
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I've never been on a diet myself. I did loose some weight after moving by myself simply because I could better control the food that was in the house (I have trouble controlling myself when it comes to eating sweets so I just don't buy them very often now.)

A word of caution though regarding the low-carb diets. If you have a history of depression, or if there is depression in your family, be careful about cutting carbs too much. A low carb diet can affect your brain chemistry (if I remember well, it reduces the amount of seratonin) and make you more susceptible to depression.

I think a "lifestyle change" is more likely to be successful than a diet. You need to make changes that you will be able to live with in the long run. I really believe in the simple idea of eating more of what's good for you and less of what's bad for you. Doing it progressively might make it easier.
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I've done them all andthe only one I recommend anymore is Weight Watchers, it's just healthy living. Someof the others have you take out things like fruit, and I am sorry sugar or not, fruit is good for you. Low Carb works and is realy easy but I can tellI paid a price,it'snot a good way to live.
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I was on a good plan (taking a break now). Simple - easy and old fashioned. 1200 calorie a day diet. You burn more calories than what you take in and you loose weight. Sometimes 1500 works better for younger females because their metabolism is higher than some OLD person like me . I did The Zone, too and think that is a good plan - not no carb but balanced - low carb, low fat. If you really stick with it (IMO) and eat your two snacks I think it works and I had a good deal of energy while I was on this diet, too.

I feel stupid giving diet advice but there you go
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