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Had to leave my cat at the vet :(

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My 4 yo cat came down with something similar to what my kitten has been fighting-- the throwing up and diarrhea and lack of appetite. The vet I took my kitten to frustrated me a bit because after 7 days of antibiotics his symtoms came right back and instead of using common sense and putting him right back on antibiotics insisted I have him x-rayed to see if he swallowed something. So I needlessly spent $100 more which I really didn't have in the first place, and now I'm living off borrowed $$$s.

So I decided to take my grown cat to a different vet closer to where I live. It seems like an older type facility. I thought, cool, maybe less expensive. But she doesn't have the technology or whatever that the other vet had, and insisted on keeping my cat overnight to hydrate him and get him started on an IV antibiotic. She says that will help him get better quicker to jumpstart with an IV. The other vet didn't give an injection antibiotic for the kitten or keep him overnight; she inserted something into his back (liquid) that slowly dispensed through his body to hydrate him.

I feel awful about leaving my cat. This is my BABY, of all my cats. I don't intend to play favorites but I just can't help it. I seriously cried having to leave him. I hope this does the trick for him, I know he had to get treated but I never expected to have to leave him overnight. I know I am being a baby about this, but I want to know whether I did the right thing and if he's really better off getting IV antibiotics first. She did say she'd have him on oral antibiotics for 2 full weeks,which is what I wanted for the kitten (I'm getting him a refill today so he will be on for 14 days altogether).

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My kitty had the same problem I had to leave her at the vet for a week She was dehyrated and they put an IV in her.. My prayers are with you and ur kitty. Keep us updated!
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My heart goes out to you. It's never easy going home without them, but he will hopefully feel much better when it's all over! Good luck!
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It is amazing what an IV can do for a dehydrated animal. This also gives the vet a chance to see how he is behaving. Purrs that he feels better soon.
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IVs are very good ... Is someone there over night or dpo they transfer to overnight facilities??
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