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Help! My cats are fighting!

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Hi - three days ago my 2 cats (Cilla - 10 years and Roo 9 1/2 years and both spayed) and began fighting after a male cat was outside our patio door. This male cat has been coming around for several months and I always shoo him away by spraying him with water. My cats would only be interested in the other cat and maybe growl at the strange cat - but it never affected their relationship before.

Roo seems to be more aggressive (although before she was timid and shy) and Cilla is backing off more. I have tried to keep them seperated in seperate room and spray them with water when they hiss and growl - or when they have fully fought. My son gets really scared when he sees them fighting.

I also don't know how to get rid of the male cat - I have a spray nozzle on my garden hose and am prepared spray him with that.

How can I get my cats to stop fighting? Please help! I am at my wits end with this!
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Invest in a black light and shine it around the outside of your home at night. Mark where all the green glowing spots are and then use a good enzyme cleaner the next morning to get rid of the cat spray www.urine-off.com

If he is a true feral and runs from your presence, you can make a dummy scarecrow and make it look like yard art. Sprinkle around the dummy some human hair clippings (from your hairdresser) and the cat should keep away.

Best case scenario, trap the tomcat, get him neutered and re-release him in the area-
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