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I'm going to be away for 11 days. I have been away this long before, but for some reason I am more worried about things going wrong this time.

My upstairs neighbours are looking after my two beasts. We often have our doors open (we're in an old house, I'm on the second floor, they have a third floor/attic apartment) so they know my cats really well. And my cats know their cat. So when they are home, the door will probably be open for some of the day. They also know the feeding schedule, so apart from not having me around, the routine won't be interrupted very much.

But this time, I called my vet, and told them how long I will be away, and that if something happens, the neighbours will be bringing the cats in. And please just do what needs to be done, and I'll pay for it when I get back.

I was pleased, they took me really seriously, asked for the exact dates, asked for the names of the neighbours, and their phone number, and put that in the patient file. Thank goodness they didn't think I was just being paranoid.