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Originally Posted by Kellyyfaber
That's what I was told by my manager at work. Since my company covered my expenses, I didn't pursue anything further. My company may have pursued the owner for those costs, I don't know. I quit my job the day after that. I didn't want to put myself in that kind of situation again. I hated having to get into a car with complete strangers, taking them to strange places. I had been in several uncomfortable situations before the attack so the attack was the "last straw".
Good for you! Doesn't sound like a good company that would allow it's female employees to get into cars with basically unknown people and drive these people to unknown places. As for them telling you that you have no action because it was on owner's property, I still think it's fishy and they probably didn't want to make any noise.
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Banning Pit Bulls absolutely will not fix this problem. Working in a vet clinic I find pit bulls to be one of the friendlier breeds and for one I would hate to see all of the good pitties PTS because of blanket legislation. I do however understand the fear associated with them and they certainly can inflict a LOT of damage!

The problem with banning them is that it would be extremely hard to enforce. Not to mention what do you do with all of the crossbreeds? What if someone has an aggressive "boxer" cross? AND if you are going to ban pitties then IMO you would also need to ban Rottweillers, German Shepherds, Malamutes, Chows, Mastiffs... the list would go on and on. Then once all of those dogs were banned, the "tough" guys would all go out and buy exotic guarding breeds (Caine Corso, Preso Canarios (sp)...) to complete their image. These new breeds would be bred and sold and eventually become as popular as pitties are today.

IMO we could certainly reduce the amount of dog bite injuries with appropriate legislation. I would LOVE to see stricter regulations regarding breeding dogs. Perhaps there could be more control over the breeding of "high risk" dogs. I would really like to see an age limit placed on dog ownership. For example no one under the age of 21 years can own a dog. If you are under 21 your parents would have to take on the responsibility and could be held responsible for any injuries inflicted by the dog. You should also have to have proof of obedience training and dog behaviour training in order to purchase any "high risk" dog. Fences make good neighbors for a reason! If you have any dog you should have an appropriate fence if you live within city limits. Perhaps this fence should include a lock if "high risk" dogs are housed within it.

This is a subject near and dear to my heart. I have known a lot of nice pit bulls but they are a very misunderstood breed and they require special handling. You cannot take a pittie to the dog park. You cannot leave pitties unattended with children and other small animals. You cannot let a pittie roam the neighborhood.... Not just anyone should own one. You should be knowledgeable, dog smart, and responsible. You should practice obedience religiously. Unfortunately, in my area at least, pitties are owned by 17-25 year old youths with none of these qualities. These kids love their dogs and have good intentions but they expect too much from their chosen breed and terrible "accidents" result.
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I don't agree with banning any breeds of dogs every animal has a right to life and if we are being honest we are not talking about a friendly sorry you cant keep this dog we are talking about the extinction of a breed we are not god we do not have the right to decide who lives or who dies and IMO in most cases it is the owner that needs to be put down not the animal sorry if this is to straight forward but it is how I feel but haveing said that I don't expect everyone to feel the same way in other words no offence meant it's just my opinion
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Originally Posted by Kellyyfaber
Yeah, I would have surely taken legal action if my company hadn't taken care of the costs. Now, months down the road--I'm wishing I had gotten some sort of counseling because now I get panicky around any dog that's bigger than a poodle. I wouldn't get out of the car at my In-laws a few weeks ago because their neighbor's cocker spaniel, Charlie was waiting for me outside the car . I've known Charlie since he was a baby, I've played with him before, cuddled him, etc. (Ok, and he's a COCKER SPANIEL--I'm embarrassed to admit I was afraid of him ) That incident was so horrible, though I have an uncontrollable fear of dogs now. I don't even go to my mom's house because of her 3 rottie mixes. They are very undisciplined and have bitten someone before. I don't trust them (she is the epitomy of an irresponsible owner).
Like I've stated before, I have just never seen a dog want blood as bad as the dog that attacked me . I've been bitten by german shepherds, a chow, and mutts but I've never had one go for my face and attack me relentlessly. I've always had BITES and not ATTACKS. I could've handled a bite.
IMO, you should ask legal advice & see if you could be reimbursed for pain & suffering, so you could get psychological counseling, either thru worker's comp or the owners. In CA, if you are injured on someone's property, including dog bite, the owner is liable. In fact, homeowner's ins. is harder to get if you have a dog for that reason. You have a true injury, even though it's psychological, and you aren't being greedy. If it isn't right, then you won't win the lawsuit or the worker's comp will blow you off. This isn't fair to you at all; this affects the rest of your life. At least talk to your state bar assoc. - they will point you in the right direction.
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Im gonna say no. I love pitbulls and would love to have a rotty someday. I think it all is on how they are trained. Most people train them to be mean guard dogs. of course theyre not going to tell anyone that they were aggressive before because they don't want to get in more trouble than they already are when their dog attacks someone. IMO all dogs can be mean and attack. My friend has Huskys that are mean (well the girl is) and she's tried everything to calm her down. She just has her moments when she gets really aggressive. Ive got the wounds to prove it, since she drug me across the driveway screaming at her yesterday. Huskys are supposed to be good dogs, right? My cousin just got a pitbull a few months go and she is the sweetest dog. My aunt hates dogs and she just loves this puppy to bits.
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Both Pearl and Ike are territorial and set up a huge ruckus, when strangers come around. Once we introduce them to company, they are instant friends.

I WANT them to set up a ruckus and protect the house, especially when we aren't home. If someone is trespassing and gets bitten, it is their own fault. I have large "Beware of Dog" signs prominently posted. Under AZ law, if someone trespasses, after being duly warned, they have no recourse, if they are dogbit.
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Kelly, I just saw this thread (was out of town for a while), and I'm sorry you had to experience that. What a horrible way to end up leaving a job as well, and even worse that you didn't receive any sort of apology/compensation from the owners of the dog.

As for banning Pit Bulls, they are banned here in Toronto, meaning they are not allowed to be kept for breeding purposes (all existing Pit Bulls must be altered and are to be muzzled at all times), although I imagine backyard breeding will still go on, and those are the people we DON'T want breeding Pitt Bulls.

Last October, a friend and I were walking along a trail near a ravine where I live and we came across a bony, battered Pitt Bull mix (likely Lab) and though he was quite afraid, we got him to the Toronto Humane Society. He had a lot of puncture wounds all over his face and body, likely from another dog. The THS took care of him, neutered him and waited to see if he would be claimed. Nobody claimed him, and ultimately he was adopted. He was a very sweet natured dog, but how can it be determined that once he was healthy he may potentially turn on his owner?

That said, I know of a family who had 2 Pit Bulls. One was very good natured and never hurt anyone yet the other attacked and nearly killed someone, and the dog was put down. This is where I wonder... If one dog is good natured and the owner treats both well, where does the other pick up this instinct, seemingly to kill? There could be more to the story, but this isn't the first instance I have heard about this.

In addition, my brother was badly attacked by a Beagle when he was a small child, and the same owner's Cocker Spaniel nipped at me once which was kind of scary. They also had another dog many years ago who was very unfriendly, so I imagine in this case it was likely dog owner vs. dog breed.

Personally, with all of these observations, my opinion on banning the breed has evolved somewhat (I used to vehemently oppose banning the breed, especially as the Toronto ban happened concurrent to finding the dog in the ravine), but I do feel there needs to be some firm legislation in place surrounding the issue of dangerous breeds, their breeders/owners and backyard breeding for all states and provinces across North America.

I also feel dogs should be leashed at ALL times, unless in a specific off leash area, where people would expect to find dogs off leash. I have often felt my heart rise into my throat when I see a large dog suddenly standing dead still a few feet in front of me with an owner nowhere to be seen, while walking on the trail in the ravine near my home.
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