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Crying Cats

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Hello all! This is my first post here. My friend directed me to this site.

I adopted a kitten from my sister about two weeks ago. Her name is Cleo. We found out she was very active, so we wanted to get her a playmate. We were actually at PetSmart to buy some supplies and the humane society was there with cats up for adoption. We found one we loved and adopted him. His name is Caesar. They've been together for about a week and a half.

We noticed that Caesar has some problems with diarrhea so we took him to the vet. They gave him medicine, metronidazole, to help. We've been giving it to Caesar and Cleo for abotu 5 days. Yesterday we took him to get neutered. When we went to pick Caesar up, the vet said his stool tested for Coccidia, which was causing his diarrhea. Now we have more medicine to give him. Cleo has been doing well, so the vet told us we'd need to separate them so Cleo wouldn't catch it.

Now our apartment isn't big, so this was hard to do. Caesar is in my room in a camping tent. He has plenty of room to run around, much more than a cage, and the bottom is plastic so he can accidentally poop and it won't be a big deal. The problem is that he is constantly crying. Cleo often hears him and runs upstairs to see him, but gets upset when she can't get to him. The entire day he was at the vet, Cleo walked around looking for him and cried to us.

Caesar was crying into the night. It's so sad. Is there anything that we can do to make him happy, other than letting him out? How can we pacify him?

I would appreciate ANY advice. I'm new to raising a car. Before I was always a kid and my parents always did it. Now I'm the "dad" to the cats, and I'm at a loss as to what to do.

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Originally Posted by claypage

I would appreciate ANY advice. I'm new to raising a car.

Its probably his spark plugs

Sorry, I couldn't resist..

I don't know of any advice to offer you...Perhaps Feliway? THough I don't know if you can use that with kittens..
Someone should be along shortly
I hope the poor baby is feeling better soon.
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What's Feliway?

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Be strong and do not let these two melt your heart. Coccidia can kill a kitten whose little immune system may not be strong enough to fight it. The meds do not kill it, they only allow the diarrhea to stop long enough for the animal to pass it on their own.

Be VERY diligent with sanitation practices, clean his litter box with hot water and bleach frequently and always wash your hands thoroughly after handling the litter and before handling your other kitty. Some kitties don't like using a liner in the box, but it may be the best way to dispose of the litter until the coccidia is addressed and under control. Get the litter out of your home quickly after you change it, don't put it in a garbage can in your house where curious sorts may have access to it.
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It's so sad. Cleo misses Caesar. If I let her into the room where we have Caesar in the tent, she'll climb to the top to look down at him. She doesn't cry, but he does. The moment we take him out of the tent, though, he stops crying. In fact, he'll sit right in my lap. That is until he sees the syringe with medicine. Then he tries to get away. This brings me to my next question. When giving a cat medicine by squirting it into his or her mouth, are they any good methods for calming them down to keep them from squirming?

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It's so hard, when the wee guys are fussing. But be strong, because if you don't, you might lose both kitties.

They'll remain friends, and they will get better, and they will play and love and romp and drive you happily nuts. but for the moment, hang tough.

As for the syringe, the only thing I can tell you is to be very careful when depressing the plunger, because you don't want to hurt your little guy with too much at once (and choke him).

Love on him a lot, cuddle him, and then clean yourself very very well with bleach before handling Cleo...

Best of luck!

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I have been told by my vet to grab them in the back of the neck at this certain place. You may have seen a vet grab them that away maybe to give them a shot. I am scared I may mess up so I don't do it. It also appears painful looking to me but maybe someone who knows more may read and correct me. it paralizes them for just as long as you hold it. Then squirt it and run your finders up and down on his throat to see if it goes ok down. I have never done it that what my vet said. I always get on my knees like and put my feet together place him in between not sqeezing and just love him while someone else does it. Give him loves after so he knows he did a job well done
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When you are administering the medications with a syringe, place the tip of the syringe just inside the SIDE of his mouth, right between the teeth and the cheek. The tip of the syringe against the teeth will stimulate him to begin a chewing/sucking motion to dislodge it - just be firm and begin draining the syringe while he is still making the chewing/sucking motions. Don't squirt it in fast, but let the speed with which he is chewing/sucking be your guide. If he stops, then you stop, reposition the syringe and begin again when he does. It helps if you have four hands. *grin* Get someone to help you hold him, but I discourage the scruffing hold another poster mentioned - if done improperly, you can injure your kitten. Just make sure he is on his belly, not on his back. I position kittens so they are facing away from me so they 1) do not associate the less-than-positive experience with me and 2) because I don't usually have four hands so it makes it easier to hold them.

Hope this helps,

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Hi there Claypage I just wanted to say welcome and say it was nice to meet your two babies this weekend!! Ceasar is a very handsome boy and I know how heart breaking it is to hear him crying up there but as soon as you know it he'll be all better and running around with little Cleo again. Stay strong!
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You asked about feliway...

I dont know much so I'll just give you a link.
Scroll down to the plug-ins...

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