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Very distinct Purrsonalities

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I was just wondering how you all would describe the personalities of your fur babies? My 3 are so different it cracks me up how they have fallen into separate categories. 1) Ripley...she is my child that is very definately going to end up in Juevenille detention.
2) Cleo...My slow , stupid child, that is so sweet and lovey and totally neurotic, she is allergic and afraid of herself. She trots through the house and I swear I can hear her singing.."do di do di dooo, lalalala do di do" 3) Cat...our newest member. Slick and street smart. the vagabond...rogue if you will, (insert theme from Thegood the bad and the ugly here) and the biggest mush mellon I have ever met. (don't worry Cat I won't tell theothers and ruin your reputation)
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My Johnny (2) is laid back, lazy and more fat than slim. He is not very intelligent, but so very very kind and gentle. And he loves food, lots of it!

Ronja (2) is my sweetheart with a brain that can work (cat)wonders. She figures out any problem there might be for a cat - opening drawers to find a nice cosy place to sleep, throwing her toys out of the toy drawer for all of them to play with. She has learned a few tricks like jumping through a ring etc. She will eat anything, fruit, crackers and of course all sorts of cat food, but in reasonable amount.

Charmina (1) is a Princess. She loves to be groomed to look her best. She is a bit timid, needs a few hours to trust strangers. But she is a little darling. Very picky about food.

3 different purrsonalities no doubt!
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Baylee (1) is, well, she's a bit hard to describe. Very independant and kind of bossy but she has her sweet side...

Max (7) is very timid... he's a big fraidy cat but a big love bug... start petting him and he's on cloud 9.

Jordan (9 weeks) is still trying to figure out his personality. He's kinda whiny, meowing at me when he's hungry, when he's tired, when he misses me, and just because. But he's also very hyper, always ready to play and chase the other cats around. I think he's a sweetie deep down... I guess the rest remains to be seen!
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Yeah, my three are all totally different from each other, too. Makes things interesting!!
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Lucas is incredibly intelligent, hyper (always wants to play!) but soooo sweet. When he's not playing he's asking to be petted, purring loudly. He also always comes when I call, even though he's been here only about 7 weeks and I changed his name (we was Fluffly at his previous owner than Frankie at the shelter). He's also a bit daring, he knows I don't like him on the kitchen counter but he goes there anyway (fortunately I can just give him the "look" and he jumps off).

He's also very talkative: meowing when I stop playing with him, meowing when he wants to eat, meowing if I'm gone too long, meowing if he wants attention, you get the idea...
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Snickers (14) and Hammie (3) are a lot alike. Outgoing, follow me EVERYWHERE, sleep on me, and extremely talkative. They love and rub and sit on everyone who enters the house. Both Snicky & Ham are also born comedians!

Zorro (6) is very sweet, clumsy, lumbering and slow. But, if you pet him too long or look at him funny, he will tear off part of your arm in the blink of an eye. Kind of a bi-polar cat I guess.

Dusty (13) is a Princess! She likes to be carried everywhere, she is always postured so pretty, she even sleeps pretty. She dislikes other cats but adores humans.

K.C. (12) is shy & aloof; she only likes me. Not a troublemaker at all, very introverted.

And Miss Jessie (12)... will talk to you, make lovey-eyes and spread her paws in joy and beg to be brushed. She's loving to myself & my daughter but cannot STAND my mother and runs from anyone who comes into the house. Another bi-polar cat!
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Gandalf is my laid back lover kitty. He loves to snuggle and will hop in my lap in a heart beat if he gets the chance. He's a bit lazy, and loves his food and is scared of anyone that comes in the door besides me. Although if he figures out he knows them he'll come out after a while.

Samwise on the other hand is much more adventureous and loves anybody that comes in the apartment. He also tolerates being held better and is far more talkative than his brother. He's a lot more spry too and ornery.
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Sunni was usually very laid back and always wanted to be close to me. When she decided she wanted to play, look out, though!
Sophie is still in that kitten, "I'm into everything and everything is there for me to play with" stage. Like Sunni, she always seems to want to be where I am, but isn't quite as affectionate as Sunnigirl was.
Angel is quiet, affectionate, a little skittish around people she's not familiar with.
Percy is the "cool cat". He walks around like he owns the world and isn't afraid to let everyone know it!
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Elliot is very good at expressing himself. If you tell him he isnt going outside today, he puts his ears back and will give you a look, then turn around and show you his butt with his tail twitching irritably. I can understand him the most and I know he understands me very well too. He enjoys a cuddle every so often but isnt really a "mushpot" He is Mr. Additude. "Missy Elliot" He loves to give me "blinkies" and is always looking at my face wanting one in return. He gets jealous easily when I pet aerowyn, but is quick to forgive as long as I scratch him in the right places.

Aerowyn is a little love whore. She'll do anything for you to put your hand on her neck and give it a massage. She sleeps by me at night. She's really speedy and uh.. flexible or something. She's great at standing on her hind legs like a little gopher and loves to "box" and "dance" When elliot does it it doesnt even look like he's standing up because his fat wobbly tummy sack goes down over his legs. Hehe. She's noisy, and often the cause of much tripping. Of course if you do tirp over her, she'll act like you beat her with a metal baseball bat and wont let you touch her for a couple of hours.

They're both very very vocal kitties, and very smart, though stubborn. They make a good pair actually, and they both love to play together a couple of times a day, chasing each other through the house, and then lockign in a "hug" and pretending to bite each other. Aerowyn could kick elliot's butt but she knows he has that "male pride" and besides, he has 10 pounds on her. You wouldnt catch them cuddling though. Elliot isnt the cuddling kind of guy.
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1.) Willow is laid back, calm, very relaxed, but has a short fuse. All you have to do is ruffle her back when she's sleeping and she'll give you a smack and she'll hate you for a few hours. Touch her belly when she's standing next to a window (or simply just standing anywhere) and she'll kick you with her back legs and try to bite. When strangers come over, she watches them like a hawk and if they try to touch her, she gives them an expertly-timed swipe so that they bleed with just the slightest effort (it always looks like her nails are contracted and she's simply swiping the air, so we're all shocked when the person's thumb bleeds). Yet when you're not pissing her off, she's a major sweetie who craves attention. But in order to see that side of Willow, you have to ignore her for much of the day. She's very independent and will want to choose for herself when she wants attention.

2.) Buffy is a wild, crazy firecracker. She came to use when she was 4 weeks old and Willow, who was happy to sleep before then, was forced to play "tag" every day until Buffy mellowed out (though she still demands playtime, at least she seems considerate of the fact that Willow needs to sleep too). She loves attention, will purr if you look at her and simply just touch her nose (then she'll purr and will pause with confusion if you don't continue). All you have to do is move your hands really quick and she's ready to play. She'll play with anything, from your shirt sleeve to a milk cap strip. One of her favorite games is when I shove my hand deep into my sleeve and start whipping the flap around. She'll come running and will give my arm a hug (to stop the shaking?) and will gnaw on my knuckles, if she can find them. She's very carefree and LOVES attention (when she was younger, she would panic if you left her alone in a room, though now she realizes it's okay to sleep by herself). She's very opinionated, sassy, and bossy (Willow doesn't have a life anymore: she just obeys Buffy's every command, though she seems happy to do so, strangely). My sister loves to hold Buffy up and stare into her eyes, and that pisses Buffy off, so Buffy will mrowwwllll for a few seconds, then will give my sister a smack across the cheek if my sister doesn't look away. My sister gets a big kick out of it and, I admit, I do too. She's just so predictable: pick her up, look her in the eyes, and she'll smack you across the face. She only did it to me, once, when I wanted to try it, but it took a long time for her to do it. She never hits me or bites me unless it's out of play or I'm clipping her nails, but I believe it's 'cause I'm her "human momma," (Willow raised her in the cat-world, but I took care of her when she originally came here and Buffy would panic the most if it was me who left her alone in a room. Sometimes I'd be walking somewhere in the house, go through a doorway, and a few seconds later a family member would see Buffy running hot on my trail, refusing to leave me). I dread the day that Buffy dies but, if she stays away from cars and other miscellaneous dangers in the many times that she escapes from the house, it won't be for another 15 years. I can't stand to think of the day that Willow dies either, because Buffy and Willow are like Siegfried and Roy, but without the magic. If you talk about Willow, you have to talk about Buffy too, and vise versa. Plus both cats love each other and I'm not sure what they'd do if the other "disappears" after 15 years together.
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