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Could one of my cats be responsible?

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Not exactly cat related, but desperately seeking a cause here.

Earlier this evening, my fiance' was petting the dog and called me to look at something.

There was a sticky fur clump on the dog's hip.
I took him to the kitchen, and cleaned it up with some antibacterial soap.
The fur just peeled away, revealing an irritation, surrounding 2 or 3 punture wounds in a semicircular pattern. I can't really tell if it's two or three, they're kinda small.
I figure the irritation was caused by the fur clumping up and rubbing the site.
First I thought spider bite, but it's too big for that, and it's too small for snake bite (he's a house dog).

Then I got to wondering if perhaps one of the cats laid into him with teeth or claws.

It's not hot to the touch, or red, or sore, the definite puncture sites are draining only clear serum, and he's acting fine, so I'm not terribly worried, although he will see a vet to be safe.

I did shave the site and washed it good, but did not put anything on it because of the punctures.

What do you guys think, guilty cat, or should I look for another possibility?
Any possibilities I can come up with will certainly help the vet.
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Sorry to hear about your baby - but that could have ben caused by anything. Would suggest you treat the site with Hydrogen Peroxide a good Anticeptic untill you bring him to the VET.

Hope he feels better soon!
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Well, I was given kudos by the vet for wound care

She couldn't determine the cause either.
It will remain an enigma, I'm home 24/7 except weekly errands and unlerss it's blisteringly hot, the dog always goes with us.
The dog does get clumsy in his pursuit of playtime, he may have just smacked his butt good on something.
He was given a precautionary antibiotic injection, and I was told to just continue to keep it clean and let it drain on it's own.

By the way, I was told to never use peroxide on deep wounds as it can actually force bacteria deeper into the wound.
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Good job on the wound care! I was going to say the same thing about peroxide.
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