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Hungry Cat

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My Terrell is crazy. I was woke up over the weekend to a hissing sound..it was him telling me he is hungry. How crazy. Now, when I wake up he is sitting over me and has even nipped at me to wake me up. Has anyone else experienced this? This is a new thing (waking me). We leave food out, but we try to limit how much they eat. Unfortunately, my husband is sleeping in the bedroom with the door shut (I am sleeping on the futon in the lr in case my 14 yr. old kitty gets sick again- what a parent!) so he doesnt have to deal with it. Any advice?
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Is Terrell (the one who hissed and nipped at you because he was hungry) the same cat who is 14 years old?

Has Terrell displayed other behavioral changes, for instance: a change in litter box habits, or weight loss/gain? Is he drinking more/less water? Does he seem stiff, or have any trouble jumping up or down from his favorite places? Is he playful and interactive, or does he stay to himself and sleep a lot?

How long has it been since Terrell saw the vet and had a complete blood panel drawn? If it's been a while (any cat over the age of 12 needs to be seen every 6 months, and have a complete blood panel along with urine taken) then it is time to schedule a vet appointment for him, and while he's there, don't forget to have the vet take a look at his teeth...keeping them pearly white and minty fresh will lessen his chances of having kidney issues as he ages.

The first thing to do is to determine what the problem ISN'T, so you should rule out health issues right at the beginning. It will narrow down the possible causes considerably. Please let me know what the vet says.

Best of luck,

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Gaye, Thanks for responding. Terrell is just about 2 yrs. old. He just saw the vet a couple of weeks ago (he is the one that started with the eye infection). This only occurs at night and when he is hungry..the rest of the time he is so loveable and playful. Actually- he is quite passionate when it comes to eating. (hehe). I will be keeping an eye on him though. Thanks! jocelyn
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Do you think he is feeling neglected since ou now spend so much time tending to your sick kitty. Maybe hethinks that this is the only time/way to get a little more attention from his mom.
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When Sateycat wants food in the morning, he'll terrorize me while I'm sleeping. He weighs 15 pounds, so he walks all over my body and all around the bed right near my body and especially my head. He'll also sit by my head and pull my hair with his teeth. I try and give him his last feeding right before I go to sleep, but a few weeks ago he had to have surgery and couldn't eat after midnight. I didn't get one wink of sleep that night!
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I love my kitties, but it's my house! My cat knows the bedroom is for quiet and sleeping and if he acts any other wasy he gets locked out. Why are you so worried? He won't starve overnight, especially with food out! Can you keep your other cat in the bedroom with you? That's what I do.
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