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Question about Safe Human Food

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I just got a kitten that is about 10 weeks old and she often meows when I'm eating (particularly Eggos and Cereal). I want to give it to her because she is my first cat and I guess I am beginning to spoil her. Would giving her certain human foods make her sick or cause her any harm? I've offered her cat treats like dried anchovies and salmon flavored Whisker Lickins, but she turns away from them. Thank you for your feedback!
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The big things that are really harmful are dark chocolate and onions. Cereal and waffles, while certainly not health food for a cat, won't be harmful. Just make sure she only eats a few bites so she doesn't fill up on "junk food" and reject her regular diet.
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Avoid giving her raisins, and most people here will agree that garlic isn't such a good idea (it's in the same family with onions). Try giving her little bits of chicken (no spices). I know that my Spot loves chicken, as well as anything else he can snatch from me. My mom's cat loves dried apricots. We found out the hard way when she broke into the container of them. Now they have to be kept in the pantry so she won't make herself sick.
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Garlic, Raisins, chocolate, onions or even food with a lot of onion powder or garlic are bad. I give my cats some people food, they love cantalope, tuna fish (in small quanitites), raw chicken they go nuts over or any raw meat, canned wet food about 2 times a week.
See, cats are meat eaters and raw meat is great for them. I also give them a different cat food as their daily treats. Also,Sardines once in awhile.
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Thank you so much for all your advice and suggestions. They've been quite helpful!!!
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