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My kitty has been making sort of a yowling sound and then darting out of my kitchen into either where his littler is or some other room. It's like he is seeing something that makes him mad then running off. I keep trying to run into the kitchen to see what is upsetting him, but I see nothing. Is this normal?
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Pretty normal.
All 6 of mine do it at times (ages between 5 months and 11 years).
I think they all have imaginary friends they're playing with, or maybe real friends that we just can't see
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Did you check his behind to make sure that he doesn't have anything stuck to him? Sometimes that will freak them out. Also, keep on eye on his use of the litterbox. If you notice any changes, get him to the vet. Otherwise, I would chalk it up to normal kitty weirdness.
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My Cleo does the same thing. Out of Nowhere ahe will run like a lunatic from one room to the next. Often stopping to either look behind her or around. Ripley, just looks at her and then at me as if to say.."Ma..are you EVER going to take her to see a shrink?"
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Sunni ALWAYS did this, and she was the only cat in the house! Usually it would start right after we'd go to bed. She'd tear around like a lunatic and growl, meow and make all sorts of other strange noises. My husband always said, "There goes the gremlin again!" Funny thing is, Sophie is starting it now! Maybe Sunni is playing with her?
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