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Guys...need immediate help for Conner....

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He was just out on the balcony with me and we have a full length speaker leaning against the wall, he knocked it over and it fell on him. It clipped the end of his tail and it is bleeding, the vet service said they would call me back. His tail is sooo fluffy is hard to see, but finally we saw and the very tip of his tail has no skin on it...It's like he skinned the end of it off. The tail isnt broken or crooked at all, what can I do??? Guys, it's not bleeding that bad, but there is no way I can really bandage his fluffy tail, and I cant pay the vet anything at all, will they still take care of him? What do I do?????
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Umm, he is happy and fine, and eating and drinking, and flicking his tail like usual, but it pains him to have his tail examined, , , otherwise he is fine. The vet still hasnt called me back. It's like nearly an inch of his tail that is skinned. My plan is to dip it in peroxide then clean it with some pet wipes. I am going to go buy the safe paper litter (for post declaw surgery cats) so that it doesnt have a huge risk of getting infected, and clean it again tomorrow. Is that an ok plan?? Will the skin grow back? Will it get infected easily?
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See if the vet can help you out with a payment plan. How bad is it bleeding?
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im really sorry no ones answering, im not sure too many people are on. it sounds ok to me... but im only 16 and dont know too much about stuff like that. but i do wish your furbaby the best God bless
ooo someone beet me!
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I think those are all great questions for your vet.
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If you have septic powder you can put that on the wound till he can see the vet.
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Originally Posted by Sanctie
My plan is to dip it in peroxide then clean it with
peroxide is not the best idea, i would try something else for cleaning it...

both peroxide and alcohol do more damage to the cells around the wound than good... it will kill germs, but it also does some damage to the tissue and kills the cells that help it heal
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Poor little Conner, this must really hurt! I'm so relieved to hear he's eating and drinking as usual. I agree that peroxide would not be your best choice for the reasons given above.Surely your Vet will work out a payment plan with you for an emergency such as this. Pleae do keep us updated how he's feeling and how your trip to the Vet goes! Kisses to his sweet little tail from us!
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Sweetie, I've just read this... to be honest I can't see how late I am, but I'll agree with everyone else on the peroxide thing. Salt water really is the best solution for cleaning, it's perfectly safe and if the water is slightly warm, reduces any stinging - and therefore the number of claws that Conner is likely to try and use You might find that the vet will shave of a bit of his fur on the end of his tail so that he's not getting it stuck in the wound and infecting it as it heals - other than that, I reckon as long as he's eating and drinking normally, then it's not something too major. He's obviously not too shocked by his little ordeal whch is a huge bonus. As far as I'm aware, most vets out there work out payment plans, do they not? I know we don't have such a system in place in the UK, or at least in my little corner of the UK, but there are many who will work something out if you ask them.

Keep us posted on how he's feeling hugs all round beb
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I am sure your vet will work something out for you!

I hope Conner's tail is feeling better and your vets trip went/goes well!
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I am sorry for not replying sooner, in all honesty, in my freaked out state, I had forgotten that I got on here to bug you guys about it, I was calling and messaging everyone at the time, lol. The darn vet never called me back that night, so I called two other emergency vet numbers, and the same response. Grrr, good thing my cat wasnt dying, with their response time being the way it was. I called the vet in the morning and told them the situation, they said I didnt have to bring him in since he is feeling fine, just watch for fever and infection. He also told me to wash it with saline solution or warm salt water. I found what was the tip of his tail on the balcony, skin fur and all, yuck. It doesnt seem to bother him at all, he moves his tail, and he doesnt even pick at it, but guys it is truly gross. Like, seriously, about an inch of his tail was completely skinned, the skin wasnt broken and just pushed back, it was completely gone! Anyhoo, thanks so much for the replies, they are much appreciated by me and the little man.
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