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Getting a little scared!

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I posted about our adoptee Saffy the other day. Well she has been in labor since 6:00 pm and every few minutes she pushes very very hard 4 to 5 times and all we have is a very wet butt with a tiny bit of bloody discharge. I know this is probably normal, but I am still worried. She also insists on being almost right in my lap.

Any thoughts? or words of encouragement?
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How many hours has it been? It sounds like she is in hard labour. 1-2 hours of hard labour with no progression is an emergency. If this is the case- CALL THE VET!
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She has been in this hard labor for about 1/2 hour now. Before this it was pacing and panting.
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So I would wait another hour at least. If no progression of labour after another hour, call the emergency vet and see what they say. If she is being clingy then I would stay with her- you may be in for a long night! The more relaxed she is the smoother things will go. Good Luck!
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Well, Saffy is as I type at the vets having an emergency c-section. I have no clue how I am going to pay for it, but she will be okay.

The Doc said the kitten was way too large for her to pass. Call tomorrow morning to see how many kittens we have!

Keep us in your thoughts please?
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Good luck momma cat and to you Razzle. Pls let us know what happens.
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i know its still early but any news yeT?
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Another 45 min. and I can call to check on them!
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I am sorry to hear that the birth didn't go well.
I hope the c-section went well. How is mommy? and the Babies?
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We have two very healthy babies. One baby was dead when Doc did the c-sec. Momma and babies are home now. Saffy is exhausted and sleeping off the anesthetic, the babies are snuggled up and nursing/sleeping. Everyone please keep us in your thoughts!

Now, I am off to try and raise the $718.00 the surgery cost!
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I'm so glad to hear everyone is well. Often c-section mama cats won't nurse their babies so you definitely got lucky there.

Saffy and the babies are so lucky that you and your husband intervened. It's awful to even think about what would have happened if you hadn't.
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I'm glad to hear everything went well. Emergency c-sections are expensive though! Let this be a lesson to all of the people out there thinking about letting their cats go to term, and all the ones that don't want to spay! You need to think about this possibility of complications well BEFORE the queen goes into labour!
(I'm not lecturing you Razzle, just trying to use you situation to prevent MORE unplanned pregnancies )
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*very deep sigh* I do not know how in the world I missed this post. Please accept my sincere apologies for not responding sooner.

I am terribly sorry you and Saffie had to go through this. It is never, ever easy to lose a kitten.

Razzle, did the vet also spay your girl at the time of her c-section? If so, you may have to begin supplementing the kittens as her milk will begin to stop coming down.
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