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Cute Pic of Mom

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I dont know if anyone will be interested but I found this neat photo of my Mom today while going through things. She is giving the "thumb up" signal that she is ready to go!!!

Mom was a 2nd Lt. in the local chapter of the Civil Air Patrol. Well this is her at age 71 going up on a routine flight. That was about 10 years ago. The plane (for anyone interested) is a 1946 Piper Cub.

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Meme that is so neat! It's great to see people that age enjoying life!
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I am amazed that a plane that old is still airworthy. I have no doubts about your mom, though! Is she still with the CAP? If not for actual flights, at least poking her head in now and again.
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I am afraid that Mom passed away this past June at age 84. She was still going to meeting until her last few months of life when she was in the hospital. Found the photo while sis and I were sorting through her stuff yesterday.

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I'm sorry, Meme, I know how it is to lose your mom.

(slinks off feeling oafish and insensitive)
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Oh Sunlion you arent oafish or insensitive!!!
You had no way of knowing...

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Meme, that's a really nice picture of your mom...thanks for sharing it with us!
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Meme, she looked like a real go getter! Thanks for the great pic!

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Just saw this and wanted to tell you how amazing I think that photo is!
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Well thank you Debra! She always did love to fly. We are still going through her old photos so maybe I will find some more neat ones. But I did claim this one and will keep it and pass it on to one of the great g-kids one day.

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