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Hey I am thinking about adopting a kitten/cat sometime soon and before I do that I have a question.

I have a fish thank and some bettas in bowls in my house if I have a cat is there a way I can stop it from eating or getting at the fish? Any suggestions on this?
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Put them in a room in your house where the kitten doesn't have access or you will lose them.
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You could cover the bowls. It is possible that the cat won't bother the fish, but I would leave the bowls covered while you aren't around to supervise. My brother had a goldfish that lived for many years. The three cats loved to drink the fishy-water but they never bothered the fish. We think that maybe the cat saliva kept the fish alive.
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If your bettas are in a glass vase with a plant on top, I think it's quite possible that a cat could knock them over.
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ok thanks for letting me know that. I only have one in a plant bowl and the others are in regular bowls. I think i will wait a while before getting a cat till i get an idea on what to do. There wouldnt be a way I can put the cat in some kind of cage while im not watching it or would this be mean to it?
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In your situation, I would think it would be easier, not to mention kinder, to simply put the fish up somewhere where baby couldn't reach them. Once she gets big enough to jump onto places where fish might provide a tasty snack, I would put them in a room where the baby doesn't have access. I don't think caging is the best of ideas in this instance.
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