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My friend Lesley told me a friend of her's had to put her beautiful cat, King, down today.

He woke her up in the middle of the night screaming and she saw his back legs weren't supporting him and when she felt them they were like ice. She rushed him to the vet and he told her that he had a blood clot in his back and it would be best to put him down becasue of the amount of pain he was in.

I thought I would post this as a little prayer to King and his owner. Too bad she didn't get to have a lot of years with this stunning cat.
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Oh, that sounds like a living nightmare! Condolences on the loss of King to his poor owner.
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Oh, how very sad. My condolences to Lesley on her great loss of a King of a kitty.
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I'm so very sorry...rest in peace King
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RIP King
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RIP King

enjoy those angel wings little one
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Condolences to Lesley on her loss of King! You were a good friend to post this on TCS. Please invite Lesley to join here at TCS. Godspeed, King - you are loved & missed, by so many dear friends; play happily on the other side of RB!
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My condolences to King and Lesley.

Rest In Peace King.
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King wasn't Lesley's cat. He belonged to a friend of her's. But thanks for all the RIPs.
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