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Double claws?

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I have a question and someone suggested this site. I don't have a problem, but I'm looking for an explanation.

I have two cats. I found them starving and freezing when they were around 4 weeks old. They are now 3 years old, fat and happy.

One of them, Tristan, has double claws on his back feet. Here's what I mean. He has normal claws and then another set growing from the toe pads. These claws are smaller than normal claws.

I keep those claws trimmed, as they tend to get long and I don't want Tristan to rip them off. There doesn't seem to be a visible quick in them either.

So is my cat an alien or is there an explanation to this?

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it sounds like he is a polydactyl(extra toes) cat. nothing is wrong with him, many cats are born with extra toes. there are pictures and info. about polydactyls online if you are interested in seeing pictures or learning more about them just use keyword:polydactyl cats.
hope this clears things up a bit.
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If I read your post right, I think you said your kitty had extra claws right? I've heard of doubled pawed cats, with the extra toes like nern mentioned, but have never heard of one with normal feet and extra claws I'm sure out of all the experts on here, someone will have heard of this. I'll be interested in what they have to say...sorry I couldn't be of any help to you...
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I'm afraid you don't understand. He doesn't have extra toes. I said he has extra claws! He has normal claws and then smaller claws growing from the toe pads. So that's 7-8 claws on each back foot.

Ah! You got it right!

Hey, I'm a New-B.
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sorry, i misunderstood. well i do know that sometimes polydactyls have an extra claw that is not retractable between the extra toes and the foot pad and in this case,and i may be wrong, it almost sounds like he has two extra non retractable claws but no extra toes so this may or may not have anything to do with polydactyls. has a vet ever seen this?
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My cat Mollie Rose had double due claws. It is basically what you are describing in your cat, but she had them only in her front due claws. Seeing as she was my very first cat (8 years ago) my vet suggested having the due claws removed stating that if she were to get them caught, she could bleed to death. Not knowing what declawing was all about, I had it done at the same time she was spayed.

I believe that as long as you keep them trimmed on a regular basis, you shouldn't have a problem. That is only my opinion. And no, you do not have an alien for a cat. You have a very special cat.
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It doesn't cause Tristan any problem, except the extra claws make noise on the floor. he sounds like a little dog. Well, he's 17lbs. A not so little dog...
I'm curious to know what causes that. His two brothers don't have that.


No, not claws in bewteen the toes, either. Look. Grab your cat and look under its back feet. You see the pink toe pads? Well there is a little crippled claw growing directly on each toe pad. Weird, isn't it?
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I'm interested to know what your vet has to say about them? The only time I have ever heard of claws growing in the middle of a cat's paw pads is when they go so long untrimmed that they grow in a circle and back out through the pad.

Whenever my cat's claws click, that's my indication that it's time to trim them.
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I never mentionned them to my vet (I always forget) and I don't think she noticed them. You really need to look under the paw to see them. And I'm certainly not going to bring him to the vet if he doesn't need it. It will just have to wait until his shots are due. LOL You'd faint if you saw my annual vet bill! I have two cats (Tristan and his brother Gaby, the Bladderstone King), a dog, 9 guinea pigs and a rabbit, all rescues I took in, plus I rescue guinea pigs, too. The vet can't wipe the smile off her face when she sees me walk in.

No, not ingrown claws, either. Definitely two different claws. And it's the small ones that click on the floor, since they are directly under the paw. Even if I keep them very short, they click, because he walks on them all the time.

I guess I'll have to take a picture and post it here.
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I'm really surprised your vet didn't notice them. But, if they don't bother him and as long as you keep them trimmed, I'd say wait till the next time you go. It's certainly not worth an extra trip unless they get infected or something. If you can get a picture of them, I'd be interested in seeing them. But that's like trying to brush a cat's teeth
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When I saw your name I wondered if it was 'you' (from GL); then I saw your post about having 9 guinea pigs and now I'm sure it's 'you'!

I don't have any advice about your cat as I've never in my life heard of a condition as you describe, but I wanted to say 'hello'. I'm glad to see you here.

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Are you the same 'Evangeline' I used to talk to on Cavies Galore from New Brunswick?
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Yeah, it's me. Small internet world, isn't it?

Hi Jin!

Hi Melissa. Who are you?

You two have joined Guinea Lynx, yet?
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I used to email you once in a while, I'm from Nova Scotia- I had 8 piggies at one time. I think the last time I emailed you I had decided to leave Cavies Galore because I missed my piggies too much (my son developed allergies and we had to rehome them-don't worry they found an excellent home ) and it bugged me to hang around there. I think the last time we talked I had gotten a puppy named Taco too, I remember asking you some questions about him. I remember the awesome way you'd 'tell it like it is' on CG- you cracked me up. Anyways, nice to see you here, for the most part this is a really great place
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Oh, you're Trin! I tried to email you a couple of times, but it came back. New adress?

I don't see the name of the dog in your signature. Had to get rid of him, too?

I'm not on CG, anymore. Long story short, I got sick of idiots and I'm now on Guinea Lynx, Lynx's board. It's awesome, you should drop in, sometime. I hope it's not a problem if i post the link here.

Good to hear from you.

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Yep thats me! I forgot what screenname I used to use :LOL: I hope to see you posting here a lot, we could use a no nonsense attitude like yours here We've changed email addresses a few times, sorry I didn't send you the new one! I'll PM it to you
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I might drop in from time to time, but I don't plan on being an active member. I love my cats, but I'm not a cat person. It's nice to know a place where I can get information, though.

I am totally stupid when it comes to computers. I have no idea what to do to get a PM (I assume that is a Private Message??). My email is the same:
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Ok, well this is how I check my PMs. At the top of this page on the left in blue letters it says ' Forums', click on that to get to the main page. Then scroll down to the very bottom and it will say 'Private Messages'. If you click on that it will take you to your PM list and you should see a message from me This is a great place to come if you have any behavioral ,or any other for that matter, problems with your kitties. :rainbow:
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My first time on this site....came via Google search for "cats double-claws"...
I have 2 cats, adopted 6mo ago from SPCA, supposedly sisters. The calico ("CuddleBunny") has the double claws coming out of the pads directly underneath the regular claws. I was so surprised. I checked the sister cat,
solid grey (her names changes back&forth between "Valentine" and "Sphinxy"), and sure enough, she has them too, but hers are only like little nubs. The calico's are much more than numbs, they are real little claws.
I'd never noticed before, as both cats have a lot of tufty hair on their paws
between toes (very cute). Thought I knew a lot about cats, but this really surprised me. According to some sites, these are/were considered "lucky" cats.. The extra claws are not a problem, they act totally normal. I'm now wondering if any of the other cats I've have through the years may have had them and I just didn't notice???
(Re: declawing....I would never do...just buy a new couch every 5 years or so, and fix the door jambs as big deal.)
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Peppurr used to get "double claws" every once in a while. It was just when he was shedding his outer sheaths. They looked like little claws growing under or beside his normal claws. Maybe that is what your cats claws are doing?
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I think I know what you mean but is there any way you can post a picture? I have seen this on some of the strays I have found. I think its the beginning of polydactyl toes but they aren't quite formed right. Polydactyl is a result from inbreeding I believe. I am sure it doesn't occur on all inbred cats some probably get extra claws or even deformed paws and some probably have normal paws and claws.
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Originally Posted by Jen
I think I know what you mean but is there any way you can post a picture? I have seen this on some of the strays I have found. I think its the beginning of polydactyl toes but they aren't quite formed right. Polydactyl is a result from inbreeding I believe. I am sure it doesn't occur on all inbred cats some probably get extra claws or even deformed paws and some probably have normal paws and claws.
Hi, Jen.
Actually, polydactyly isn't necessarily a sign that the cat is inbred. It's a genetic trait (can occur spontaneously also), and so if you inbreed cats with the trait, it shows up more often, just like any trait would. But it occurs even when the cats are not inbred (Sammy is polydactyl like his mum and most of his siblings, but she wasn't related to the father(s?) of the litter). In fact, polydactyly is VERY common in cats, and isn't anything to worry about as long as you keep the extra claws trimmed so that they won't become ingrown.
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Try this link:

It's near the bottom of the page. "Horned Paw Pads" is what they call it.

Is this was your cats' paws look like?
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Wodesorel, thanks for that great link.....sure had a lot of information....
and yes, my kitties have what is called horned pads.....(not
the sheathing up by the regular claws)....they come straight
out of the actual pads (nearest to the claws)....they don't
really look deformed (too much); just odd looking pads....they
walk and behave normally...
I will take photos, next time my daughter is here, because it
takes two people to do that....
their paws are not inflamed at all, and don't seem to have any
extra least now I know they really are sisters (since I
adopted them from SPCA, I wasn't sure.....they were not in the
same cage, but they had the same intake day)....
I'll come back and post when I have photos....

ps...I get a little confused trying to respond on here....
so many buttons and choices....could someone pls give me a
1, 2, 3, easiest, shortest way to answer a post....
I may have done it correctly, but it took a while...tnx

Originally Posted by wodesorel
Try this link:

It's near the bottom of the page. "Horned Paw Pads" is what they call it.

Is this was your cats' paws look like?
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