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I was surprised too to see Suzi in the bottom 3 - I know Casey is not that great (in fact she is the choice of http://www.votefortheworst.com/canadian.html ) but I kind of feel sorry for her. She is shy and needs to sound like she is not at a small town pageant. I have yet to vote - bec I might have voted for Amber (tho she did not do well with that "Jesse James" song). I liked Melissa's rendition. There is one kid (and God help me for saying this as a peditrician - it is unprofessional!!) who acts a little unusual - to be diplomatic. Can't think of his name but he should go soon. I think Rex may win in the end but I also like Melissa and the kid from Sask too - tho he seems a littlr holier than thou for a teenager! Suzi does seem to want to win but as someone said, there is no one there that is truly gifted.

I was sorry to see Amber go - kinda felt sorry for her too. I guess the question is - would you buy someone's CD bec you felt sorry for them???

(But would I get up there and sing - I'd play guitar but that's it, lol - the extent of my singing was to play guitar at Mass (I am Catholic) and to play piano for my university chorus. We have a group at the med school we go out and sing around the Maritimes. I have not travelled with the group this yr - not enuf time but have attended a few presentations and sand or played piano.

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Casey reminds me so much of Jewel. She even looks like her.

I kind of think the young boy Darell should win, because he has potential, and Canadian Idol would really allow him to grow.

The others are great, but if they got a record deal now they would be okay. Darrell needs more experience and exposure which is what Canadian idol could do for him, you know?

Rex is yummy but is not really that good when it comes down to it.
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Which one is Darrell? The Sask kid?
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Originally Posted by CyberKitten
Which one is Darrell? The Sask kid?
i don't know where he is from, the really, really young one who looks like he's going to possibly cry every time he gets on stage! LOL. He wore a horrible blazer the other night.
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Oops, just figured out who is - Nah, he is the one I find a little unusual. Not a bad singer but I would not vote for him. Rex is a tad showoff but he is from the Maritimes so I guess after Casey goes - and I like her, she is a sweet kid - but unless she really changes (and I think she does not plan to significantly change - she is shy and quiet by nature), I doubt that she will win. I think she has lots of potential tho! And yeah, she does remind me of Jewel. I also like her idealism - she seems to be the most genuine of the lot save maybe for Melissa and Amber. It seems western Canada is not voting? Am I the only one to notice that - I think that's why Suzi ended up in the bottom 3 and Amber was voted off (in Survivor speak), there were 2 from Calgary, divided loyalties from as part of the country not as tuned in to the show? I don't know - it'd be interesting to see the breakdown of the calls.

Suzi's being in the bottom will either make her angry or make her less egotistical and that should help her - I also wonder if her 'tude might be the reason for her being in that place?
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