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Canadian Idol!

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Hey fellow canadain idol watchers!
What do you think of this season so far? Compared to last season? Who do you think should win this year?

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I didn't watch last year as I was in Saudi Arabia. But all I have to say is that I'm SOOOOO happy that Emily got voted out last week. I couldn't stand her.

I LOVE the judges, they are honest (if not a little mean) and they actually say intelligent things about the technical aspect of singing rather than the dopey American Idol judges.

My favorite is Susie Rawn and I hope she wins. I am totally, utterly in love with Rex. I LOVE his accent and he is sooo cute! I didn't know how fond I was of Newfie accents until I heard him speak!!

All in all, I love this season.
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My favs are rex and suzie too. I dont really like the 16 year old "boy". I dont remember his name. I think hes not quite mature enough for the compitition, expecially after he balled his eyes out last week when Emily got voted off. I wonder what hes gonna be like when he gets voted off himself.

So far i dont really like this top 10 like last years. Last years was the best. I miss Jacob
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Aw, I wish I could watch Canadian Idol!!!! I'm having American Idol withdrawls .
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Originally Posted by Kellyyfaber
Aw, I wish I could watch Canadian Idol!!!! I'm having American Idol withdrawls .
If canadians can watch american idol, do you think that american should be able to watch canadian idol? If it was on would you really watch it?
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I would definitely watch it if we could get it here. I don't know why FOX doesn't air it here. Maybe some of the US states closer to the Canadian border get it???
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How hot is Rex? I voted for him. He sang good and he is SEXY!!!

Still and hour to vote some more.

Today in Sudbury they named the radio station z103 to Darryl103 to support Darryl Brunt. He kind of sucks. I didn't vote and I'm kind of hoping he gets booted off tomorrow so I don't have to hear about it anymore.

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Does Canadian Idol have a website??? I wanna see this Rex guy everyone is talking about
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Check out the hotness!!!
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I love rex because he seems so natural and real. Just watching the way he acts, i can tell that hes being himself. Did you see those goofy pop-bottle glasses he wore? I wonder if he got dared to wear them.
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I think Rex has a good chance of winning or a least top 2. Suzy is good too, but I don't know. I'm voting for Rex all the way!
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Well, I checked out the website and saw the photo of Rex. All I can say is: (he's definitely a hot hottie hot hot)
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That Josh guy looked really sleezy on tonight's show. ew ew ew. I hope he goes soon, don't want to be watching him many more weeks.
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Originally Posted by Creepyowl

Check out the hotness!!!
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I missed josh's performance tonight. By the sounds of it i didnt miss anything.
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Couple more votes for Rex and off to bed. Fingers crossed he stays for the long haul!!! Keep voting Kittylea!!!!! VOTE!!! Stop posting here and VOTE!!!
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EEEK! no spoilers please! i haven't watched it yet....I taped it and will watch it when i get home from work....
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ok...i'll get off then and vote somemore. I cant type and phone at the same time
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Getting through everytime I call now. It seems to go better on a cell phone.
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I usually start voting after 930. I figure that way i can get more votes in.
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I'm not impressed with any of them, but if I had to pick one it would be Suzi
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Who got the boot? I was napping and missed it.....
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Ashley Leitao got the boot tonight, i only watched the last 2 mins so I don't know who else was in the bottom three with her.
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Darn was hoping that Daryl guy got the boot. Well maybe next week.
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Was anyone else suprised when Ashley got voted out?
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I don't know her name, but the blonde girl that sang god help us all, I thought should have been the one to go this week because her voice is very weak.
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Is Rex the one from Nfld? I never really watched it until this year - there is a New Brunswicker in the running tho I have to admit while she sems to be a nice girl whose family (and entire town for that matter) is having some bad luck - company town where the company was closed down in large part thx top dogital cameras, she is a weak candidate and the odds of her winning are not great. - Anyway, I watched the first part to see if she would continue to hang on. She did - not even in the bottowm 3 much to that Judge's chagrin (Zack?) I think. I like the fellow from Nfld who is rated as number one to win by a gambling place - Suzi is no 2 but it is assumed because of her genre (a little too specialiozed, heavy metal or whatever), she will not win. I like Amber also and she is rated no. 3 by the bookies.

I watched two shows of the 1st Idol when Ryan Malcolm won - I was somewhat amazed that the fellow from NS came 2nd and now he performs on my hospital's telethon (Gary Beals - noce guy to talk to but I am not crazy about his music either, lol)

I do hope Casey will fo well butI hope either the Nfld contestant or Amber win (tho I agree she needs to sing something besides ballads!) And btw, I actually KNOW the host! He is a family friend. (but I think of him as a kid, lol)
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So what did we think of last night?
I didnt like Josh's performance at all. I liked him the first time i saw him but now his "sound" is getting to me.
Rex could have done alot better, i didnt really like the song choice he made. Amber needs to get out of the slow songs. She did really good this week but she needs to take more risks. Casey surprised me tonight and showed me what she can do. Daryl did good but i still dont like him. Suzi didnt seem relaxed tonight, i usually vote for her but she didnt do it for me this time. Aaron did great! Mellisa surprised me, i think she did awsome and i voted for her. I didnt see it coming.

Hopefully things go well tonight
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so....what did all my canadian peeps think?
I thought Casey was embarassing, Rex slaughtered Every Breath You Take.
I actually thought Darrell was pretty good this week, I liked that he kind of turned Tainted Love into his own thing.

I was disappointed with Suzi and have been for the past few weeks. I personally think she's getting too full of herself.

I really really liked Josh's performance, even though he's a bit wierd. He should go far in his career.

Zach is getting irritating, and Sass kind of is too.
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Im really surprised that suzi was in the bottom two. I thought that she didnt do the greatest performance but not that bad. I do think it was Ambers time to go.
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