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Poor baby!! How much is too much?? (warning, graphic content)

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Bella just vomitted again - the second time in four days. I don't mind the occassional grass binge, and I understand a gorging fit every now and then, but they're becoming more regular among my crew. This, however, was altogether a different beast.

Bella is the smallest of my kitties (and is truly my kitty) at just barely 6 lbs, so anytime she vomits I worry. Usually it's less than a tablespoon of clear mucousy liquid w/grass bits, but this time she threw up what appears to be twice the volume I normally feed in one sitting. All digested, semi-solid, no recognizable foreign bits, and lighter in color than the food she eats.

It initially worried me, but she must not be feeling too bad because she went outside and almost immediately brought in yet another grasshopper But due to her very slight build I am (perhaps overly) concerned about loss of bodily contents, and I'm wondering if I should call an ER vet or wait and take her with me tomorrow when I take Cinnamon (his is a scheduled visit)?

. . . As I was typing this, she came in and vomitted again. I'm signing off to call the ER vet NOW. Vibes please, and I'll update later.
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Sending vibes!
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{{{sending vibes and prayers}}}

keep us updated on what you find out and how she is doing
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Hope she is doing OK. Thinking of her! Love, Hope
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Thanks you guys! I talked with the ER vet, explained in detail and gave her a bit of Bella's history. She said it was really up to me if I wanted to bring her in, so unless she becomes lethargic in the next couple hours I will wait until tomorrow morning. She's pretty much normal, just went outside in search of more grasshoppers (after dark she switches to moths!) but I don't know if I'll sleep too well.

I also want to ask the vet about her weight/diet. I really feel that she's too small--her hipbones are starting to stick up a bit, like when I first brought her home. She's been as heavy as 8.4 lbs, and I really thought she looked healthier at that wt, but the stress of having a kitten in the house (Mika) and the move and now four other HUGE cats, I feel it's really taking its toll on her. Keep those vibes comin' for her, and maybe throw in a couple for her worry-wart meowmy!!
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How old is Bella?
Kind of sounds like the symptoms Roo had and it turned out to be her thyroid.

Sending good vibes to Bella.
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Sending your baby kitty good vibes!!!
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Originally Posted by stormy
How old is Bella?
Kind of sounds like the symptoms Roo had and it turned out to be her thyroid.

Sending good vibes to Bella.
Thanks Stormy! Bella is 9+, and it was brought to my attention shortly before the move that she has one significantly smaller kidney, though all her bloodwork was within normal limits, thank goodness. Hyperthyroid would explain how a kitty with such a healthy appetite would remain so skinny, but I'm gonna try not to theorize until she sees a pro. Thank you though, for bringing it to my attention - I can always nudge/ask if I have an idea!
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Just got back from the vet, and have had the shock of my life - my sweet baby weighed in at just 5.1 lbs!!!!!! I feel awful for having let her get so skinny; thinner, in fact, than I believe she was when I brought her home from the shelter. This is a loss of 1.2 lbs since the first of May. The vet is justifiably concerned; I am simply beside myself!

Based on the results from the chem panel that was done in May, my vet has ordered a CBC and Thyroid panel, and will do a full chem panel only if those come back normal. This was also my first experience with subcu fluids, as she was showing signs of dehydration. They all told me what a trooper she was while getting her fluids - sometimes it's the little ones that struggle the hardest and inflict the most damage, but she was great. I just feel so awful that she's in such bad shape - even though she appears to be acting normal!

Please keep Bella in your thoughts - it'll take at least 24 hrs to get the bloodwork back and I'll be a nervous wreck until then!!! And if anybody has some good news to share about kitties w/thyroid probs, I'd love to hear it.
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Hi Erica,

I've had more than one cat need treatment for Hyperthyroidism...in each case, I chose to go the medication route (usually due to age or other health issues already in place), but there is also the option of having Radioiodine Treatment which is usually a cure. There is a bit of expense with this treatment, and the cat will be at the facility that does the treatment for 5 days I believe...and the other consideration (though I'd think not in a cat this young) is that hypert can mask kidney problems...actually helping..so that once the hypert is corrected, kidney failure issues can worsen or suddenly become apparent.

The medication used is Methimazole - if you want to do a google search

Gotta run, hope the above helps a bit.
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Oh, thank you soooo much Pat! I'll look into that, although I doubt there's a vet. facility within a full day's drive that's equipped for the RI treatment - I know she's worth it to me, but. . .

That last statement abt kidney problems has me a little worried, though. Bella has one kidney smaller than the other and her last panel showed creatinine WNL but BUN slightly elevated (and proteins were on the high side, too) That's why we're keeping the full chem panel in the back pocket for now, because we may need to reconfirm.

ACK!! guess it's time to get on Google!!! Thanks to all for the good thoughts!
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More good vibes and prayers for both you and Bella!
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You know a good overall site which would also touch on crf(chronic kidney failure) and hyperthyroidism, is feline crf dot org

I highly recommend it for any questions re kidney function, lab results and related issues such as cats with hcm, hypert etc.
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My Molly started losing weight at a fairly rapid pace at age 10. Brought her to the vet, and it was her thyroid. She was put on a liquid med (liquid is the way to go!) once a day. It did stabilize the weight loss, although she never really gained back what she had lost. She lived a happy life for another 3 years, until we lost her to what the vet thinks was cancer.

I am sending mega-good vibes out to your and your kitty!
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Pat, all I can say is that site is amazing!!!! I've only begun to read the section on hypert, but there are so many links to incredible research docs and other helpful information, I know I'll be busy for a while!! Thank you so very much, and I'll be sure to keep all updated on her status.

P.S. - as if that wasn't enough to deal with for one day, it's likely that Cinnamon the 83 lbs lapdog has hypothyroid, as he's actually gained wt even though I've scaled his food back for the last three months!! I'm practically starving him and he just keeps packin' it on!! If only there was some way we could do an interspecies thyroid transplant. . .
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Ohh, I hope all comes out well!
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Aw, thanks Cassie!! I just know i'm not going to sleep at all tonight waiting for those results. In a way it'll be a relief to have a diagnosis (I won't have to feel like I've neglected them!) but I am a little worried about the CRF link w/Bella's condition. Oh, well, cross that bridge. . .
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The results are in, and they are mixed.
The good news: neither Bella nor Cinnamon have a thyroid problem.
The bad news: that means Cinnamon goes on and even more restrictive diet, and I've decided to walk with him at least twice a day to shed MY unwanted pounds along with him. (OK, so that's no-so-bad news )

The worst news: Bella is in the earliest stages of CRF. K and P are both within normal limits for now, but her kidney function is definitely diminished. I guess the stress of the move and adjusting to the new house was just enough to tip the scale.
The vet wants me to start her on K/D - or an equivalent if she doesn't find that appealing. (I am so pleased that she's not a stickler for pushing whatever her office is selling - she obviously understands that some animals are finickier than others ) She's very upbeat about it, so that puts me at ease. And she's confident I can learn to administer subcu fluids at home should it become necessary, but for now I'm just to keep an eye on her hydration level and bring her in (they're 5 min from the house) if she needs fluids.

I am a bit upset, but not as much as I would have been had Pat not posted those excellent web links yesterday!! I will continue to do my research and give my baby as much lovin' as I can, and pray for the best. Thanks to all for the good vibes!!!
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I'm glad there's been a diagnosis, and I pray that all will turn out great! Sending hugs,

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AHHHH! My poor kitty, Taco, just threw up like 7 times and had a major liquid-poo. I dont know if he got into something, or what. I feel really bad. It is like a brownish orange semi-solid with clear liquid around it. Then he started throwing up like white foamy stuff. He's had his rabies, is nuetered, but no distemper etc... Any ideas? WHen he drinks water he throws it up. However, he just had a recent food switch. Could that be it? Bad food? I sure hope so. I hope it isnt anything too serious.
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I don't know what to tell you, other than get that kitty to a vet!!!! Seven times is excessive, and it sounds like he's unable to keep anything down. If he were my kitty I'd be on the phone to the nearest ER vet now!
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i had the same problem with one of my females, she was vomiting quite often, it turned out that she was eating my broom....could your kitty be eating something like that?
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Originally Posted by RicaLynn
And she's confident I can learn to administer subcu fluids at home should it become necessary, but for now I'm just to keep an eye on her hydration level and bring her in (they're 5 min from the house) if she needs fluids.
You'll get the hang of it quickly. When my cat stopped eating (for what reason, I don't know), my husband was doing the subcu fluids a couple times a day. He didn't have any problems.

Good luck with your little one.
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Sorry to hear that it isnt quite as good news as it could have been, but at least it has been caught in the early stages, so can be managed. I have used k/d on one of my cats (for liver probs admittedly), and she wasnt too keen on it, although when she was having a bad stage and throwing up i would put her on it and she would eat it for a day, like she knew it made her feel better. Apparently Royal Canin do a kidney diet too, so there are other options.
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My kitty Bartholomew, ate K/D for almost 5 years. His kidney function was stable until he died several years later of a heart problem. K/D may have helped add some healthy years to his life.
That was several years ago so there may be better options for food now.
I would do as much research as possible.
Keep us posted about how your kitty is doing.
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Administering sub q fluids to a cat is much easier than doing it for humans - so I am sure you'll have no probs at all. Good luck - hope your baby is well soon!
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Thanks Cassie, katachtig, booktigger, Lei and CyberKitten!!! I really appreciate the votes of confidence too!!

I'm proud to report that Bella has gained nearly a pound in the last eight days!!!!! She loves the K/D canned (always has loved canned food) and even chows down on the KD dry, so she should be able to keep packin it on At least I know her appetite is not an issue right now! I did have her back at the vets this am for another 150ml SubQ, but she's perked up quite nicely since, and I got all the supplies to administer future subq's at home. The folks at the CRF support list have been incredible, and I'm learning so much that will help keep my baby healthy for hopefully years to come. Another round of bloodwork in three weeks or so should give us a better picture of how she's rebounded.
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This is good to hear!
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Good to hear! Great news. I'm sorry but I've only seen one note from you on the list, I keep missing them??
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