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Tornado Warning!!!

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I have to make this quick because the storm is coming and it's reaally bad!! We have a tornado warning here in Illinois please send good vibes and pray that the trio and I don't blow away!!!
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I'm sitting around waiting for ours to come - you live in NW Illinois?
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I meant NE Illinois - BTW prayers your way - I hate storms
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Good vibes your way!, my parents live in SW Ontario and they have bad weather going through there too...this system is really big!
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{{{{{{{{{{Good Vibes}}}}}}}}}}}}

I am all to familiar with tornados. Too many times it has wiped out the city just a couple miles away, while we stood in our driveway and watched. We have been really lucky.

Please stay safe!
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Lots of vibes to all of you who are under tornado warnings. I echo Meagan's sentiment ~ Stay Safe!!
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we will be under one as well, be safe y'all, and I am sure we will all come out fine.... I love storms by the way, something about storms seems so romantic to me, but I guess I am weird.
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Good vibes sent your way!!!

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Stay safe---vibes comin' your way!!!
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There was one here a couple counties over. It missed us, thank God! I HATE storms!
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Lotsa Stay Safe vibes!!
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thanks everyone..just lettin ya know we're all still here!!
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We had the same type of weather here in Eire the other day. We had a tornado warning at 12am. The cats didn't like staying in their carriers in the basement for an hour. Fairview, where I live, was hardest hit. We found out it was a downward burst and straight line winds that caused the damage. It started over the lake and with nothing to stop it the winds topped 80 MPHs. Trees were down everywhere, but our neighborhood surpriseingly. We got hit again today. gotta love the weather.
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vibes coming your way. freaky!
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