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Kitty check ups?

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I'm a first time kitty owner of a 10month old and a 5 month old. They have had all over their vaccinations and are both S/N. They are both indoor only.

I'm wondering who here takes their kitties for regular vet visits (i.e. annual check ups)? And i've heard mixed messages about whether i need to get my babies re-vaccinated yearly (especially since they are indoor only).

hopefully you guys can give me some straight answers...i want to do right by my babies.

thanks in advance
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I will have owned Ollie for a year in October, but he's 3.5 years old... my kitty is FIV+ so I'm more adament about getting him to the vet to make sure everything's still in check - My dog usually goes for check-ups every 6 months and I'd say that's a good idea for dogs and cats if you have the funds to take them that often (prevention is usually less expensive than treatment anyhow)... Even though our dogs and cats are domesticated, they still have the instinct to hide their sicknesses, so often times when we see symptoms the sickness is already well developed - so a trip or two a year to the vet can help keep on top of anything suspicious...

I still haven't come up with a definite decision about revaccinating indoor cats... will probably discuss it when I visit my vet on Friday - she's already suggested that I don't need to spend the money for flee and heartworm meds for a strictly indoor cat....
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iam in a situation now if my cat had been to the vet he may not be going thru what he is now it is most important to have a qualified vet look after your cats and i cant stress that enough
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do keep up with vet checks.. vaccines from what I understand the firsts yrs shots need a booster at age two then some vets will say you can go three yrs then..

example Zoey was feral and I got her at the humane society .. she had her shot series and has to get a booster this winter then none needed for three yrs
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I came across this article today - Still vaccinating your pet every year? which discusses answers to just your question. Their viewpoint is that vaccinations are not necessary every year but annual checks are good because the vet can many times notice something that we don't because we are too familiar with our cats. We make sure ours go in once every year to have their weight and teeth checked as well as their overall health.
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I don't do any vaccines after the kitten series (ending with a rabies vaccine around 16 weeks), but in an ideal world I would definitely take my cats to the vet for a checkup every 6 months.
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Rosie and Sophie go once a year for their flu/enteritis shot, but when their there they also get their heart, ears, eyes, teeth, and weight checked, along with a feel of their tummy etc..
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Mine have a checkup once a year and also in between when necessary (breeding queens). Vaccinations every two years, but that is because they are show and breeding cats and there are rules for such things. Otherwise I don't know if it would be necessary with vaccinations that often, as they are indoor cats. (But you can bring gems in on your shoes and clothes, though, so it is not quite risk free)
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Originally Posted by Anne G
Otherwise I don't know if it would be necessary with vaccinations that often, as they are indoor cats. (But you can bring gems in on your shoes and clothes, though, so it is not quite risk free)
I don't give them Leukemia because Rosie and Sophie are indoor cats, but like you said we can bring germs in with us so thats why they have to have the flu/enteritis just in case
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Thank you so much everyone for the great advice. I think an annual checkup sounds about right.

I do know someone who hasn't taken their cats to the vet since they were S/N and they are now 8 and 4. It worries me what signs she could be missing in her cats if they don't get check ups.

Thanks again everyone!!
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Sunni was an indoor cat and my last vet told me that she would not need to return yearly for any shots or check-ups. Unfortunately, not knowing what took her from us makes me wonder if he was wrong.

Sophie will go every year for her check-up and every shot except for Leukemia and Feline Aids, per our new vet. She is also indoor only. No chances taken this time!
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I intend to take my cat every year.
For $40 min. it is piece of mind.
I plan on doing any necessary vaccines and a fecal culture, as well as having her teeth, ears, etc checked. I also think I will get a cleaning done for her as well once a year.

i think it is what responsible pet owners do.
I go to the dr every year whether I'm sick or not, just to have a panel done so I know my reading.

I also think it is good for the vet to know what your cat is like when healthy, not just sick. (for comparison)

My cat has already been twice already (had her three mns).
I was being overprotective though LOL. Half of Smidge's gum turned black, as in VERY black, and she has black no where else. Turns out her pigment was just settling (just finished growing) and it isnt a black gum disease thingy. She's just funny looking
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Please do take your kitties! Freckles had not been to a vet since he was neutered until I got him. His teeth problems might have been detected earlier or avoided altogether. On the issue of shots, in some states it's mandatory. I know in Massachusetts if you bring a cat in that has not had his rabies shot he has to be vaccinated or you could risk the possibility of not having your driver's license renewed or a $1,000 fine. It doesn't matter if your kitty stays indoors.
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