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oh no!

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I have fallen in love with one of the dogs at the humane soceity i volunteer at. Her name is Daisy and she is a 35 lb, black and white border collie. A beautiful little thing 7 or 8 yrs old. She's already trained, and knows many commands. I have been really lonely lately with things that are going on around here, and i found that she is exactly what i need. A higher energy dog, which is great, i want a dog that will keep me motivated to be outside and excersizing, seeing as i may be put on meds. that cause weight gain. Most of all a friend, apparently her breed forms a close bond with its owner. I have figured out how to set it up, for the cats and her to be happy. Now, the only problem... convincing mommy... Well, i just wanted to share this little angel with you. Heres a picture of her... http://www.mvhspets.org/d-daisy-59113.jpg
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I was watching a show about Border Collies on The Animal Planet. They are so smart & beautiful. I love them.
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Awww, what a beautiful girl! Good luck, I hope you get to bring her home!
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Oh, does she look like a winner or what??? Rob's cousin has border collies and they really are great dogs.
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Oh, I've always loved Border Collies. They are SO smart!
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ahhh the discussing of the dog didnt go so well :-( lets just say yelling, swearing, and tears were involved
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Oh, bummer!
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What a beauty. Sad to hear it didn't go so well
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