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The face of contentment...

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Now tell me this isn't a happy cat!

I had given Chester some scritches a few minutes before I took this picture, here he is quite content and pleased with it all!
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Chester has such a cute little nose!
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Aw, Chester is smiling! (I love his black nose too. )
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Oh LInda............that is the definition of the word contentment!!
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Whoever said kitties can't smile???
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he's so cute must be having some sweet dreams
great pic
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Awwww...Chester is so handsome with his sweet black nose, smiling in his sleep.
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AWWWWW...... Isn't that precious. Meggie is the only one I have that smiles like that !! How adorable!
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Cheaster really does look like a happy boy!
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Chester just looks so incredibly comforted and relaxed!Such a beautiful baby!
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Aw I see a little smile! How sweet!
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Awwwwwwww..... that is a happy face alright!! Looks to me like a face of an angel!! Beautiful!!

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What a sweet baby! It looks like he's having sweet kitty dreams, too.
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Awwwwwwwwwwwwww don't you just love sleeping kitties!
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Awww!! I looove that little black nose!!!
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Thanks everyone for you wonderful compliments. Chester sends along his thanks as well. *purr*
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That picture belongs on a cat calendar somewhere! Purrfect!!!
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He should definitely be on a calendar! His nose is just perfect!
He looks so content, don't ya just wanna wake him up?!
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That is a really clear pic! He looks like he couldn't be more relaxed!
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That is just a georgous pic. Love the smiles!
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