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went to the vets today to inquire about osiris

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I went with snowballs mommy today to the vet so she could get some special food for her kitty, and while there i asked about what it would cost me to have osiris seen first of all its not all that much 34.50 but since he is not feeling well they may not even give him his first set of shots and iam worried that he may have a mild form of distemper if it is mild. I have seen distemper and i know how awful this disease is but he does not have those kind of symptoms. More than likely It will cost me arround 100.00 to 200.00 to have him tested and i dont have that kind of bread. the receptionist gave me the number for our local humane society that sometimes can help with the funds for vet vists, but all i got was just a telephone ringing they dont stay open very long i guess i missed em. I have been pretty upset and not a real happy person, maybe iam overreacting but i have already lost one kitten to accident i dont want to loose another one :
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sending you a prayer .. do you have an aspca near??
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Yes I have tried them as well but they are all out of funds, He isnt acting sick its just his behavior that has me concerned, I know that he could have gotten this from anywhere and i have a gut feeling it is distemper even though it isnt getting any worse and he is still eating and drinking I feel so helplesss and i love this kitten so much he is like my child and i feel so responsible
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did you ask about a payment plan for the vet??
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Yes i did but all they said was to call the ASPCA or the Humane society Iam freaking out even though he isnt acting any worse maybe iam the one who needs a sedative. I am thinking that these vets dont give a damn all they want is the all mighty dollar, Iam sorry to sound so angry but if this was a human child oh you bet they would see it right away
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Iam keeping a close eye on him, there hasnt been any change so i guess that is good. My guy seems to think its just the heat making him act this way but this has been going on for about almost a week, Iam trying my best to get a hold of a vet who will work with me, but that has been impossible and it is very frustrating. Osiris seems to know that iam concerned about him he comes to me with kisses and purrs it would break my heart to loose him he is only a few mos old,
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and no your not acting any way but how you should
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thank you sharky your support is very comforting hopefully i will be able to get ahold of a sympathetic person who will understand my situation and i hope to God that its not what i fear, i know it will be expensive but i wont just give up on Osiris hes my baby
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he remains active and even played with me which is a good sign. I am also thinking while he was at my friends house he may have ingested some of snowballs thyroid meds would this cause maybe some of his strange behavior even though i did my best to watch that he did not get into her med, and if so would he have any long lasting effects from this ? Snowball takes 1/2 pills 3 times a day. And if i can get some financial help all of my cats will be seeing the vet this little scare was a wake up call and this will not be repeated again.
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call the nearest er vet... please I nearly lost my Gigi due to her getting a celebrex of my moms
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Osiris is doing ok he is still the same no change, he woke me up this morning with his usual kisses, I at least left a voice mail with the local Humane Society to see about getting some financial assistance so Osi could go see a vet, Iam hopeing that it will not take all day for them to call me back with a answer. I have mangaged to calm down but still anxious to find out what is wrong with OSI. He is still acting very bouncy and playful its just weird to see him act like this. I know that any change in behavior is something to be concerned about and iam trying my best to get him seen asap
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well here is the latest on Osiris the Humane Society returned my call and the woman, who answered was unbelievable she stated that all they help with is animals that are sick and almost dead before they will help. and get this she told me to buy the vaccines at the local CO Op and administer them myself ! I called the vet back and they told me that it was ok for me to give him the vaccines myself, but if Osiris has something it could make him have a reaction and even the vet said that is a valid concern. She also suggested a vet all the way out in Dillard which is too far for me to go who takes payments, I have to just wait and see if i can get the money to take him to the closest vet. I am incensed by the treatment i recieved from the Humane Society how rude this woman was to me, and how she seemed not to give a rip about my animal. Telling me that he needs to get vaccinated I KNOW THAT BUT HE IS HAVING PROBLEMS! On this site you do not reccomend vaccinating yourself Iam even more confused and anxious than before what do i do Now?
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Once again on the phone with the vets office, i was told that as long as Osi
was not coughing or sick that it would be ok to administer the vaccines to him should i do this? I trust this site for valid advice and i need to do this as soon as possible. I can afford the vaccines which i will aquire soon.
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Can anyone tell me where you can buy a vaccine, and which ones ? Can people administer all needed vaccines themselves? What are the drawbacks of this? I have found a vet that will do vaccines for just $10/each (not including rabies but including worming) with no office visit, which isn't bad. But why do this instead of just doing it at home, since a vet is not seeing them anyway? Does it satisfy regulations for rabies shots, etc, and how can someone get the rabies certification token/papers if they do it at home? Just curious.
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I urge you not to do them yourself.
Dangers of giving your pets vaccines
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Rabies can only be administered by a vet, and usually when it is done by a vet you get the papers and a tag for your cat at the time, and when it comes to the other vaccines my vet suggested a feline 3 way our local co op carries them here, and they are not expensive
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Are you saying that the danger is not following directions and doing them wrong? That is what the link suggested, that the pets who had problems weren't given the vaccinations correctly.
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The danger is also the various types of vaccine.
Live vs Dead etc.

"Dr. Richard Ford, North Carolina State University Veterinarian: When you purchase a vaccine through a catalog, you don't know who made it. You don't know how it's been handled. "
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Why would my vet then say it is ok to give them myself?
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Hard to say, maybe the same reason some vets promote declawing.
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Thank you for the info Arlyn. I think I'll stick with the $10, can't save much by doing it myself and want to avoid the risks.
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Nizki, see if www.imom.org can help. They are an amazing organization.

I wish you all the best!

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unfortunatly they dont pay for payment in advance and the vet here would want that but i appreciate your help anyway
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Iam going to wait till i can come up with the money to take him in to be seen by a qualified vet iam not going to risk my cats life by giving him the vaccines i trust this site and the advice given, iam keeping osi inside and watching him closely. And hopefully i will be able to get him into the vet within the next few days to be seen. He remains the same no change so iam crossing my fingers please send good vibes to my special little guy
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Ok, here's another organization you can try:


Sorry I didn't give this link the last time, but I was posting from work then and the link was on my home computer. This one does sound promising that they can help you, IF your vet will co-operate?

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they unfortunaltley do not participate in any kind of funding for low income folks who need vet care. I appreciate the help though
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What are you talking about? That's EXACTLY what they do, I've talked to them personally MANY times (not for myself personally, but in assisting others).

Did you even try? What did they say?

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This is the very last link I can provide you with. I sincerely hope for your kitty's sake that you take the time to examine each of these


Yes, it is on imom's website but it is not imom...they are just showing you links to other organizations that can/may help.

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For future use... I just started a svings/checking account for lifes little emergencies and my own wants... i got a checking cause it has no mimimum balence and is free the savings werent... I got the idea off here
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OK, actually I have 1 more suggestion...even though you are low income, do you own any capital property? Car, home, land?

If you do, you can go to your bank and get an equity loan. This will be drawn against your capital property (in case you default) and interest is set at usually prime + 2 (max). This is obviously less than a personal loan, and is WAY below what a credit card charges. The other additional benefit of an equity line of credit is that you are only "required" to pay the interest every month so if you're tight one month, make the interest payment, then slowly wittle down the balance where/when you can.

A standard minimum line of credit is $1000, but you only pay for what you use which is the beauty of it. If you only need $300, then you only pay interest on that $300.

I truly hope this helps.

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