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I had a very sad weekend. I had to return Nikko to the SPCA (from where I adopted him seven months ago) because I was having severe allergic reactions. Nikko was my first cat, and it never occurred to me to get tested for an allergy to cat dander prior to adopting a cat.

Nikko, a two-year old orange tabby, was my buddy and companion. He was (and still is) a great guy, totally mellow and extremely easy-going. My vet told me that orange tabbys are known for their gentle and friendly personalities. When strangers came over, he would walk right up to greet them, let them pick him up, and even roll over and let them rub his belly.

About a month ago, I started sneezing and sniffling. I assumed it was to molds and dust as the apartment I live in can be a bit drafty. I went to an allergist and had no less than fifty pin pricks on my forearms to test what I am allergic to. Everything was negative, except for cat, which swelled up to the size of a pea.

I was heartbroken. The doctor sympathized, but said for someone with my type of reaction that there really is only one solution. Shots and medications would not be recommended and, if left untreated, the allergic reaction could lead to serious and life-threatening complications such as asthma.

Sadly, I drove home and gave Nikko the biggest hug. I called SPCA, they understood, and said it is very common for people to return cats for this very reason. I debated about when to take him back. Tomorrow. Later this week. Next weekend.

But, ultimately, I knew it would never get easier. And as the days went by it would become even more difficult. That afternoon, I took out his cat carrier (which he despises) and opened the door. Then I gave him some turkey breast, his absolute favorite food, and held him for a very long time.

As I gathered up his food and litter to donate to the SPCA, he actually went into his carrier and stayed there. He has never done that, but I suppose he knew something was to happen, that perhaps his gift to me was an acknowledgment that he knew our time together was short and that he was not going to fuss with the carrier this one last time. Like I said, Nikko is a very special boy.

The SPCA gave me a number I can call to check on his status. I called today. He is getting his teeth cleaned today, and will be put for adoption in a couple days. I pray that he finds a new master that gives him love that is equal to what I gave him. I miss Nikko, but I also know that this was the only decision.

If you know someone who is thinking of adopting a cat and they have never owned one, please ask them to have an allergy test. If they are allergic, it will save a great deal of sadness later on.

Sorry this is so long, but thank you for reading. If I figure out how to do it, I will post a picture of Nikko.

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Oh Patrick,

I'm so sorry to hear about you having to give up Nikko. That is so tough. I had slight allergies before I got my 2 cats, but thankfully I'm not bothered at all.

I'll pray that Nikko finds as good of a home as he lost.
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I'm sorry you have to give Nikko up. But you make a great point and have given sound advice in telling people to please have an allergy test first. I never thought of doing that and I have been very fortunate in that I don't have allergies to my 6 cats. But alot of people don't realize they have allergies until they get a pet.

I have also had to give up cats for various reasons and I have always been fortunate in finding them good homes and even luckier to have visitation! I have never regretted my decisions and you shouldn't either.

You are to be commended for what you did. Please keep us posted and let us know when Nikko is placed. Orange tabbies seem to be a favorite and with his personality I know it won't take long for him to find a good home.
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Oh dear, this indeed is sad news. I can feel your pain for Nikko. I will pray that he finds a good home ~ with humans that will love him again as much as you do.
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Ok, I'll see if this works. Here is a picture of my special guy, Nikko.
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Oh WOW!! What a beautiful cat.... Im so sorry you had to give him up, but Im sure you made the right desicion for you and your family.
Hang on to the memories!! and photos of course!! Again, what a gorgeous kitty!
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If just saw the picture of Nikko. He touched my heart. And if he did that to me, I can bet you my last nickel that he will find a home fast. Have no fears.
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HI IM SO SORRY YOU HAD TO GIVE UP your CAT NIKKO I have a big orange tabby and she look,s just like your nikko i dont have a picture of her to show you how much she look,s like my orange tabby her name is angel and i am just about cry,s at the time im posting this i hope he find,s a good home like he just had take care and a big hug and kiss from me and my cat angel.
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This is so sad, it's really a shame you had an allergic reaction and had to give Nikko up. He looks like he is an easy cat to be with and to love. I am sure he will soon find another good home just like the one he had with you.
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Thank you, everyone, for your kind words. It has been a week since I returned Nikko and, you know, I'm doing fine. I think I'm helped by knowing that this was really the only solution to my allergies and that because the SPCA has such strict adoption policies I know Nikko will be welcomed into a wonderful home. I called today to check on his status. He is getting his teeth cleaned today (!) and then will likely be put up for adoption this weekend. I'm sure he must be confused, but he'll soon be with a new family and being the easy-going guy that he is, he will quickly adapt to the new surroundings and routine.

As for me, I have been breathing better than I have in a very long time, and have been feeling really good this week. I was thinking how as I was leaving the SPCA last Saturday, after sadly saying good-bye to Nikko, that a young couple was just leaving after adopting a cat.

The cycle continues. Life goes on...

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I called the SPCA today. After a brief stay in the medical clinic (a normal procedure, they told me, before cats are adoptable) Nikko was put up for adoption on January 16th and adopted on January 19th. Three days! I knew my special guy would not be without a home for long. Someone else obviously saw what a great, gentle, and loving cat he is.

So, I won't be around this board much any more. Thank you for letting me share my story and for your kind words. It has been difficult to come home and not see Nikko looking out the window at me, or waking up without him curled up by my side. But, as I said earlier, this was the only decision and I feel o.k. with the action I took.

Thanks again for your kindness, and I wish all of you and your cats happiness.

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Patrick - you are feeling good right now and rightfully so! I am so thankful that Nikko got a new home. And so fast! Fantistic news!
Thank you for telling us~ and you are still welcome to hang around here you know!
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