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Tapeworm question

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I inquired about a female cat from the SPCA who is currently living in a foster home. I asked (via email) about any health or behavioral problems, and the email said that she had a cold (now gone) and she had a tapeworm and they gave her one dose last week to cure it. They said "one pill totally cures that problem".

Should I be concerned if I do end up adopting her that she will still have the tapeworm? She was found wandering around outside (which is probably how she got it) and they don't know much about her. If I were to adopt her, it wouldn't be for another few weeks as she needs to be spayed on August 4th.

What is your advice? Should I take her to the vet right way BEFORE adopting her if I'm really interested? She would be a total indoor cat if she were with me, and the only cat in the house.

Thank you!
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Tapeworm really isn't a huge deal. One pill usually does take care of the problem, but not always. I had to have my dog treated twice, but the second dose did get rid of it. Of course you have to make sure that the cat has no fleas and is being treated for those as this is one of the main ways that tapeworms are transmitted; it wouldn't do any good to get rid of it only to have him/her re-infect him/herself by ingesting a flea.

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