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Yay! Last day of school tomorrow!

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We've finally reached the end of the semester - no school for 6 1/2 weeks! Today I had to administer oral exams (a.k.a. torturing students, IMO). Attention students: Teachers hate such exams, too! Everybody who made it past the written exams to the orals passed - what a relief. I'm going to miss a lot of those students, though.
We're going on a field trip tomorrow - first there'll be a tour of a big freight forwarder, and then a boat tour of the harbor. Anybody who isn't exhausted by then can go to the Wilhelma, which is a combination zoo and botanical garden. If I'm not here tomorrow evening, it's because I collapsed after a busy day.
We move into our spanking new school building on Friday, even though it's not completely finished (they're still tiling the floors, and the doors and toilets still have to be put in). Luckily I don't have to be there. I've brought home all the "junk" I had in my locker, the teachers' lounge, library, etc., except for a few videos and dictionaries, which I'll leave for the moving company.
The two school cats (generally known as "Sweetie I" and "Sweetie II", as they both answer to "Sweetie"; the English teachers spend the most time at school, which is the only explanation I can give for why two German cats who are owned by a Portuguese man think that's their name) are coming home with me tomorrow afternoon/evening, and will stay in our spare bedroom until next week. I'm leaving for the States next Thursday, and by then we'll have a quiet (and finished) area for them in the new building. Our custodian (their rescuer and actual owner/caregiver) figures he'll be too busy the next few days to take proper care of them, and they don't need the full stress of the move. They'll have full run of the school at night, but will probably be confined to the upstairs classrooms and students' lounge during the day, as the new building is on a very busy street, and we're afraid they'll accidentally get out and run over.
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Oh you lucky duck Tricia!. I finish on friday for 2 weeks so i can't wait

I hope the school cats are ok though
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My school starts in two weeks. I have been out since May 23rd.
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I've just gone back to college this week after two weeks of holidays. Only 14 weeks of school left and that's me over for the year!
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Green with envy, Tricia. I'm still on vacation but this week is IT, and I'm NOT ready to go back
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I just took my final on the 21st! I was so happy for it to be over... but in a couple weeks, classes start again!

I have 8years left... this feels like it is NEVER going to end
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The field trip was a success, though several of the students got sun burnt. Only five of them decided to go through the zoo/botanical gardens, and I was the only teacher still willing to walk at that point (I can't pass up a zoo). I'm exhausted, and will probably sleep till noon tomorrow, even though I'll have to stagger out of bed between 5 and 6 a.m. to feed the cats. The school cats are safely ensconced in our spare bedroom, and will probably stay there until Sunday or Monday. They've eaten, drank, and used the litter box, but are a bit upset because Jamie has stationed himself in front of the door and is growling. Sweetie I is currently under the bed, and Sweetie II is on top of the bookcase. I've got a Feliway plug-in for them, and I've bought enough of them to pretty much cover all the rooms in the new school building. They're going to have a lot of scratching posts! One discount supermarket (Lidl, fwan) had fairly decent ones on sale for about $10 on Monday. I bought one, learned yesterday from the assistant principal that he'd bought five of them, and was told today that three other teachers had each bought one. They have more than enough beds, toys, window perches and scratching posts at the moment.
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