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An Angel Joined Heaven Today

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My tiny little 7 week old bottle baby Smudge just slipped away over the rainbow bridge..

He never thrived after being dumped on a rainy night in a cardboard box..
I was always drawn to him because he was the underdog.. he held his own against his stronger brothers and never hesitated to push one out of the way of food.
I nursed him throughout the nights of the past few days and he spent the last 48 hours in intensive care in the vets.. but despite all hopes and efforts.. and much love.. when the vet turned around.. he was gone.

I went to collect him and he looked so small compared to the 6 week old kittens in the next cage.. vet thinks a vessel may have burst during a seizure last night..

He was such a sweet baby, and my last memories of him alive are sitting up in his box purring happily as he was carried away from me.

I miss him so much already and he is on my lap right now.. still warm..
I will bury him beside my childhood dog Finn. He died when I was 12, he was aged 16, and had always been my protector.. now he can be Smudge's protector.
It is a lovely spot.. in the heart of Wicklow, the Garden of Ireland.. in one of my grand aunt's fields, under a shady tree which will never be disturbed by 'development' because the fields will always stay within our family..

I hope his life.. though short.. was happy..

Rest in Peace Darling Baby.. you are sorely missed by all you knew..

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Oh no... I am so, so sorry to hear about baby Smudge. You did everything you could for him.

Please rest in heaven little one and play on rainbow bridge with all the other kitties...
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Aw, those pictures made me tear up.

I'm so glad that Smudge had a good life, and so, so sad for you and him that it wasn't as long as anyone would have wished for him.

Rest in peace little smudge. Have fun with Fin.
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Hi, I am sooo sorry o here about Smudge!!! It made me cry!!! I too have one tiny baby I am fighting to keep alive and I also know what it feels like to lose a little baby, take comfort in knowing that you have saved his other litter mates and know that he will always be with you. Rest in peace little one. God Bless
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OhMiGosh, how heartbreaking!! I am so sorry!
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That is very sad news. You did a good thing in trying to save him, and I am sure he was grateful for the comfort and care you gave him.
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Oh, what a shame. He sure was a good looking boy, and would have been gorgeous adult cat!

His short life was full of your love and care. I wonder what difference that makes in the world? Sometimes we only hear about the negative going on. But here is one sweet baby who had a very short life. But every moment since you saved him was surrounded by warm siblings, a loving meowmie with a bottle of milk, and good food. I personally believe that the world is better for having had little innocent Smudge in it. How sweet that he is now over the bridge, under the watchful eye of Finn, in the family fields.

Condolences to you for losing him. Give the other babies an extra kiss for me, please. I know how sweet those tiny babies are, and how bitter it is to lose them!
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Thank you all for your touching messages.. they mean a lot to me..
here he is recently with his brothers..

And here is his new protector..

And the area around his final resting place.. I don't have a pic of the exact spot.. but i'll take one..

He won't be the only cat

He is cold now
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Becky said it so well, the world is a better place for having Smudge in it even if only for a very short time. Your love made his life happy and worthwhile.
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Will he join the other two adult kitties in the picture at his final resting place? They are beautiful as was Finn. You did everything you could to give these babies a good life and I am sure you will miss Smudge. The pictures are beautiful and made me cry too! What a gorgeous place to bury him.
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Yeah they are 2 female feral cats that live there.. there are 2 males.. and 4 kittens bounding about also.
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I agree with this post, and I am praying for you to find comfort. YOU are an angel as well for caring for this sweet kitty.

Originally Posted by Gilly
Oh no... I am so, so sorry to hear about baby Smudge. You did everything you could for him.

Please rest in heaven little one and play on rainbow bridge with all the other kitties...
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R.I.P. Baby SMUDGE!!!
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I'm so sorry for your are a wonderful person for making his short time on Earth full of love.
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Fostering can break your heart, can't it? Sometimes those weak ones pull thru, and sometimes not. When I lost my first foster kitten, my fostering mentor Kelly told me to think about how comfortable he was , cuddled on my chest, instead of outside somewhere, when he died. Sometimes we can save them, and sometimes all we can do is give them a better death than they would have had. You were his angel, thank God for you! When I fostered a litter that had been dumped in the rain, I lost 2 at 5 weeks, out of 5 kittens. p.s. Your home is breathtaking! I live in the city! Cheryl
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I am soooo sorry to hear about your kitty. He looked very sweet. Although hes not here you will have a life time to remember him and meet him once again. I will pray for your strength through this. Again i am so sorry.
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I am soooo sorry
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Thanks guys.. he is buried above Finn now. I redid the grave and stuff.. I have pics I will post later.. just dont have the energy

As I was coming in from the field to sit down for lunch with my grand-aunt, I got a call that my sister's stopped car was rammed into from behind by a speeding car and smashed into another up ahead..
The car is totalled and she is in hospital.. nothing seems broken but her neck head and back are aching from being thrown forward first, and then being smashed back into the seat during the 2nd impact.
I can't go see her because I am the only one here to mind the 3 kittens
Godd vibes please..
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omg i feel so bad to hear about your loss
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I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP sweet baby smudge. You have chosen a beautiful resting place for him.
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Rest in Peace Angel.. xxxx

I'll start from close up and move backwards...

Buried under a Sycamore straight ahead..

The field he shares with sheep and feral cats

The general area... peace for his resting place

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Sorry to hear about your loss, he is now in his beautiful resting place. Bye little one ..
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wat a beautiful grave you made!
i know wut you feel like i tried to botle feed two kittens who their mother left in our garage but it was helpless one died verry soon just a week or less old the second got about two or three weeks old
it broke my heart
RIP smudge
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Awww RIP Smudge!
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im so sorry about ur loss in the time u had him u gave him the happiest memories he had full of luv and friendly faces

if only the world was full of more people like u then he wouldnt have been left out in the cold in the first place
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Just early this morning, sometime around 2 a.m., my little "George Ripper Schnotter" joined your Smudge, so my tears are mingling with yours , but I'm comforted to know that George will have a new friend to romp with once he gets home.
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