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Does anyone give there cats Lysine?? What are your experiences with it?
My cat Tar, about once a month, get irritations in his eyes. He has been to the vet but I can take him everytime!!! I have been reading about Lysine and I am thinking about getting some.

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Yes!!! I've had 2 cats with the same problem. Lysine works wonders! I asked my vet about it and she said to give 500 mg per day. It takes a few weeks to see the effects, but if you stick with it your kitty will have clear beautiful eyes. You can get it in capsule form and mix it into your kitty's favorite wet food.
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Tyler is on antiviral eye drops, but if he were not, we'd be giving him lysine. I used Lysine with Mervat (RB) and it worked very well for her. Check with your vet for the doseage they want you to give (I am not giving 500 mg per day, so dose must vary).

I just would buy the capsules, and depending on dose, open them and empty out half or 1/3, and mix with their wet food.

I'm actually giving lysine on a daily basis as a preventative with my other kitties.
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I've heard that Lysine works wonders for some kitties. It didn't help my Spot, though. I found that giving him a dose of Interferon (available from the vet) daily prevents his sneezing attacks.
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I don't give it on a regular basis as a nutritional supplement, but I have given it a couple times when my cats had URIs, and also very occasionally I've given it as a precaution when I thought they might be coming down with one. I don't have any solid proof that it works, but it seemed to me to help. I think in cases where people say it didn't help, it might be because they didn't give a high enough dosage. Other than possibly causing G-I upset, I don't know of any harm it can cause on a short-term basis.
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