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bathing cats in hot weather

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I was wondering, is it a good idea to bathe a cat when the weather becomes so unbearably hot? I have not done so but iam concerned about my kitties becoming to uncomfortable since where i live the weather has been so warm please some advice
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Hmmm...I did that, hope it isn't wrong. I figured it felt so good for me, why not them?
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I have one cat that gets once yearly baths, but I have given kitties a luke warm soak during incredibly hot weather.
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We used to rub a piece of ice on Mingus's back (RIP), and he seemed to like it on particularly hot days. (I think he would have ripped our faces off if we tried to stick him in a tub or sink full of water!)
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thank you for the advice !
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It really depends on the cat. I have one kitty who went swimming last year when it got hot. I took her for a walk (on her harness) and she walked into the wading pool. My other kitty freaks out if I put him in the bathtub with the tiniest bit of water. He gets really stressed and starts panting. You could try rubbing your kitties with a moist cloth to see how they react. My vet also recommended creating a "poor-mans airconditioner" by putting a damp washcloth over a fan.
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Hey these are great ideas thank you very much
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I was also going to mention wetting a wash cloth a rubbing your kitty down with that. I was reading that a few other members do that to keep their cats cool.
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I would say, if your kitty isn't used to full baths and you don't have experience bathing cats, that dunking him in the bathtub probably won't be a party for either of you, haha... my Ollie gets a monthly bath to help with shedding so he's used to it, but rubbing your kitty down with a damp towel is an excellent idea! You could also make sure to brush him as much as you can to get all that excess hair off of him... My kitty is a strictly indoor cat and I've got central air, but my dog (black lab) loves to be outside and is always a "hot dog"... we make sure she has plently of cold water available, give her ice cubes to lick and tie cool water soaked bandannas around her neck... if your kitty goes outside, I'm sure he finds cool spots like under decks in the shade and such to lay... if he stays inside, just try to make your place as cool as possible with fans and window shades
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well i tried the damp washcoth and they all seemed to like it very much iam still in one piece so it was a hit with em
thanks :
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