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Not pooping in the box...

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my friend has a cat which will not poop in the box. She has 2 cats and she's tried different litter, different boxes and so on. Neither of which work. She doesn't want to get rid of her cat, but she is getting tired of picking up poop about 3-4 times a day. Any advice?
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Hi there. I am new and i have saught out advice from other cat owners because i have never before owned a cat and i am running out of ideas. while i read the link that the Lots had placed, it did not fully answer my question. heres some background info:

i have a cat who was born 05/12/05. he is the only surviving kitten from his orphaned litter of three. Up until about 2 weeks ago, he was with his sister but we had to euthanize her because her head was not all there and his other brother died at about 7 days of unknown or natural causes. I am very atached to this little rascal as being i have raised him almost from birth to what he is at today.

the problem that i have with him is he wont poop in the box. he pees in the box frequently but will not poop in the box. i have moved his litter box out of the kitchen to a secure area with doors that i keep proped open about 6 inches so that my dog cant get in there. I have used three differnt types of litter. both scented and unscented.

I have controled his eating times so that i have a half way decent time to expect the 'gross uglies' that he leaves me. I scoop out his litter box daily, although for two days i did not scoop it out to see if he would use somethign based on smell but it had no effect.

I dont think that privacy is an issue, because he poops on the front door rug, while i am sittin about five feet away with the dog in a brightly lit room. i have caught him several times, while squating and told him 'no' and put him in the box where he finished up. then i gave him a little yummy kitty treat but that has not worked either.

any and all advice would be much appreciated. I really dont want to have to get rid of him, being as i have raised him for as long as i have, but i also cant be cleaning up poop 3 times a day and coming home to an apartment that smells like poo. thanks in advance.
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