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attacking his tail

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My cat oddie is 9 months old and he has begun attacking his tail. It started off as cute and kinda funny , but now he has taken it to and anoying leval . He starts out by swatting his tail and then exculates into what sounds and looks like a alley cat brail. Help
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Tail-chasing is a normal activity for a young cat. I don't know what you mean by "taking it to an annoying level". The only level that would be a problem for the cat is if he's injuring himself in some way.

Perhaps if you spend some more time playing interactively with him you'll help him to dissipate his energy, wearing him out so that he doesn't get so hyper and chase his tail so much.
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Sophie used to chase her tail but not as much now as she's got older.

She sometimes growls when she plays as well
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My cat Hammie started this, too. He's 3 years old tho!

He acts bored... goes from the usual cat-coma to jumping around and stuff. If his brothers don't wanna play, he will attack his tail, bite himself, and act like he sees things, then take off running all sideways, growling to himself.

I thought he was going neurotic on me but he always returns to being a sweet lil boy after he's done.
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Originally Posted by darkeyedgirl
act like he sees things, then take off running
Rosie's doing that right this minute! and it's so funny

I call it her mad half hour!
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Oliver's 3.5 years old and periodically chases his tail too! He especially goes after it if he's lying with his tail between his legs under his belly and he'll flit the tip of his tail and then attack it! I don't think he realizes it's attached to him til he gets a good chomp down on it, haha then he gets that look like "Ow that hurt! Did I do that?!" I would suggest a fishing rod/teaser type of toy to wear out your kitty, and maybe cut down on the tail chasing... Oliver loves his! We play with him with it every night before bed and he will curl up and sleep the night with me afterwards
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Miss Kitty is on her way to her fourth birthday, and she does it too! When she does, I think, "For a smart cat, you're not too bright," LOL.

I'm pretty sure she knows what she is doing...or at least I hope, hehe. She must know that it's her tail...right???

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Cleo chases her tail occaisonally. She used to do it all the time, but now that she's almost two, the behavior has decreased. My male cat Alex never chases his tail. They look for different ways to entertain themselves.
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haha Limerick stil does that.... He's alittle over 1 year old and only does it when he's really hyper. It's soo cute!!! I love it
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our cat, Piku does the whole tail chasing thing every so often. (he's about 2 years old now.) the thing that makes it even more fun to watch is that he only has about 1/3 of a tail (i'm guessing there was some sort of accident before we got him 'cause it's kinda bent over.) he has to lay on his back and ends up spinning around like a top trying to get at what's left of it. usually ends up slamming into a wall or something before he stops....
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