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Daisy Mae

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HAHAHA! i like it when they lift up their legs to give themselves a good cleanup. Not very ladylike, but what the heck....at least she's clean, right?! Great pictures, she looks like a cuddly teddy bear, her fur looks really soft!
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Oooooh look at those fluffy toes!
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she is really beautiful!
love her fur
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She looks like one very happy kitty!
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What a beautiful kitty you have!!!
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She's a lovely girl!!
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She is a beauty! I love teh extra fur on her paws!
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You have a beautiful kitty. I just love it when kitties have white feet or white tipped paws.
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very pretty kitty.
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What a sweetie! She looks very soft and good to cuddle. And those furry paws - they're like little dusters on her feet! That's great - a cat who cleans up as she goes!
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